5 things for Wednesday.

1. This incredible Amy Schumer skit with Julia Louis Dreyfus, Tina Fey, and Patricia Arquette. I honestly cannot do it justice. Just watch.
2. My Spring-ified front porch makes me very, very happy. Especially now that we have added a vintage glider that my hubby stripped and repainted last fall along with some wicker furniture from my parents. I love sitting out here with a book and a glass of wine in the evening, watching the world go by.



3. This book.

It actually just want the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and it is so richly deserved. It’s a WWII novel that follows a blind French girl and a young German boy as their paths wind through war ravaged Europe, but it’s so much more than that simple synopsis. It’s the kind of book that makes you ache as you read it, because you know with every word you read you’re closer to it being over. The language is beautiful but effortless. There’s no work apparent. It is fluid and gorgeous with sentences that you read again and again and want to etch inside your memory permanently. But the story is equally as beautiful as the language, with characters who break you open and make you want desperately to be okay, because they don’t feel like characters in a book. They feel like flesh and bone and soul. There’s a plot point in the book that centers on a character who makes these intricate, lovely models of entire villages, with every detail painstakingly created, to the point that they feel just as real if not more so than the place they are based on. This book feels like that, like an entire world willed into life by the author. It’s just so, so good, and I cannot recommend it enough.
4. This band I just discovered. They are folksy and twangy and soulful and Mumford-ish mixed with a little Lumineers. Now that I have fancy bluetooth in my car (yes, it is 2015 and I just now have a bluetooth capable car) I listen to them constantly.
5. This preview. Yeah, yeah I know I’m behind by a few days when the internet exploded when this first came out. But I’m still super pumped about a new Star Wars (I do not count the 3 “new” Star Wars movies that came out the last ten years, because well, Jar Jar Binks, and no Han or Chewie, and so many other reasons). I grew up watching the original Star Wars films. My mom loves sci-fi and so there was always something sci-fy on, whether it was Phantom Leap or Seaquest or Star Wars. I was also a huge nerd and was obsessed with the X-Files and Jurassic Park. I don’t read a lot of sci fi to be truthful but I have and will always love those rich landscapes created by science fiction writers for TV and film. I know the first 3 Star Wars films inside and out and am just really, dorkily excited about this.

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