A rant, a rave, a breastfeeding problem, and a toddler who won’t keep her pants on.

Okay you guys, I feel like there’s been a lot the last few days that I want to discuss. So I’m just going to dive right in.



I went to get my screen fixed at the Apple store yesterday (this was the second time my toddler has broken it, and yes an indestructible, military grade (seriously) Otter Box case is currently on the way to my house. Why didn’t I order it the first time Ryland broke my screen? Because I’m an idiot. One of our credit cards has a cellphone protection program, where you only have to pay a $25 deductible for accidents and things like screen repairs. The caveat is that you have to get it repaired at an official Apple store, not somewhere like Fruit Fixed.

So I went online a week ago to make an appointment at the Genius Bar (and the first available was almost a week out, which should have been the first indication that something is wrong with this system). I somewhat naively assumed that because I had an appointment, I would be able to go to the Apple store at my assigned time, and be seen, at or around my assigned time. Otherwise what is the point of making appointments? Walk-ins have to wait. I get that. But if you make an appointment, six days in advance, and you specify what your appointment is for, to literally DROP OFF YOUR PHONE WITH ONE OF THE NERDS, then logically, you should be able to go at your assigned time, check in, and then DROP OFF YOUR PHONE WITH ONE OF THE NERDS.

So I get there and one of the blue shirts greets me. I tell him why I’m there. And then he points to a small line. This is not the line for support. This is the line to get checked in before you can even go sit in another infinitely longer line to wait for support. There was a line for the line. And the second line was actually just another preliminary wait for the longer wait of actually having my screen fixed. THREE SEPARATE WAITS to get one iPhone screen repaired. On a Wednesday at 1pm.

I am polite. I do what I’m told, trying to be optimistic. I head to the big communal table at the back where you’re supposed to wait. And first of all, nice try Apple. Just because you plop a big Thanksgiving style table at the back of your store, does not mean you’ve turned this digital hellmouth of a store into a convivial atmosphere of warmth and  bohemian good times. What you’ve actually done is take a bunch of progressively angry humans and put them in uncomfortably close contact with each other, so that the anger becomes infectious, and the guy at the end of the table who has been waiting for so long that he is literally mumbling to himself and rocking back and forth with impotent rage now infects the innocent schmucks who’ve only been waiting a few minutes, until you suddenly have a table full of rage monsters about .2 seconds away from uniting to literally tear this place apart.

Does Apple really think it’s wise to take a bunch of angry costumers, and basically chain them together on tiny, hard stools, so close that they are literally knee to knee? Within moments of sitting down I heard multiple conversations around me, and for a second I wondered why such a large group was here together. And then I quickly realized that none of these people knew each other. They were simply bonded by their fury toward all the blue shirted people actively ignoring them. People TALK Apple. Because unlike your robotron employees (okay fine, I’m sure they are really very nice people outside of their jobs, but inside that store some of them turn into giant, geeky douches incapable of empathy or politeness), your customers are HUMAN.

I waited at that table for 45 minutes, which again is not that long if I had just strolled in, like on a weekend. But I had an appointment! And it was a random Wednesday afternoon! WTF Apple? Hire more people. Open more stores. This cannot be the best you have in you.

I think what was worse than the wait was just the open hostility and disdain I saw displayed by so many of the beanie wearing hipsters who worked there toward the hapless customers who couldn’t understand why their phone or computer or watch wasn’t working. I get it guys. You’re smart and better at computers than the 85 year old grandma who’s in there with the iPhone her grandkids bought her. But do you really need to treat her like she’s a toddler who won’t stop asking why the sky is blue?

I left there with an intact screen as well as the realization that America is in an emotionally abusive relationship with Apple. He treats us like crap, acts like we’re beneath him, could care less how we feel, and yet like Brittany on Vanderpump Rules, we just can’t quit our horrible sociopath of a boyfriend. I would say I was going to switch to a different brand for my next phone, but we all know that’s probably never going to happen. Because while Apple is the embodiment of all that is evil in the world, it is also an addiction I will never be able to break.


I had Mezeh delivered for dinner tonight, for the second night in a row (and of course it was the same Grub Hub driver, who gave me a knowing/pitying smile).

It might seem excessive to eat the same meal two nights in a row, but it is just. so. good. I do the falafel bowl with rice and arugula, topped with the tabbouleh, couscous, cucumbers, tomatoes, pickled onions, pita crisps, and feta. And I really go nuts and get not one, but TWO dressings, tzatziki and the harissa, because they are amazing separately and together insanely good. Mmmm.

Breastfeeding problem

So minus the super unpleasant initial milk coming in, engorgement phase, I kind of sailed through the first 3 months of breastfeeding with Bobby. Not to sound like Braggy McBraggerston, unlike with Ryland, I only had like one plugged duct the entire first 3 months and no other real issues minus the occasional leaking or spraying. Everything seemed so smooth and easy and natural this time. I haven’t needed to give formula. I’ve been able pump. It’s all been great. Until about 3-4 weeks ago, when my left boob decided to bring me back to reality. So I think I posted on here back then that I thought this was all a bleb issue (blocked milk duct on the nipple, and apologies as usual for the TMI, but once you’ve done it twice, breastfeeding really no longer seems taboo or embarrassing, so if you are embarrassed by these things, you probably are reading the wrong blog). But unlike the blebs I had with Ryland, these haven’t really gotten better. And the last week or so I’ve also started to have sharp, shooting, burning type paints in that breast for a couple hours after each feed (which is definitely different than a plugged duct which hurts the worst right before and then during a feed/letdown). So I messaged my OB and she thinks I have thrush and prescribed diflucan. She also suggested taking Bobby into the pediatrician to have him evaluated for oral thrush, which I did today. Now here’s where it gets confusing. The NP at the Pediatrician, who is a lactation specialist, said it could be thrush but since Bobby doesn’t have signs of it, it could also be mastitis and my boob could be colonized by MRSA (FUN! also apparently 25% of mastitis cases don’t cause fevers, who knew?). She said to take the diflucan and if it doesn’t improve or comes back go to my OB and ask them to do a culture or ultrasound. So my question is, have any of you had thrush or a weird case of fever free mastitis? What were your symptoms? Does any of this sound like what you had? Let me know!

A toddler who won’t keep her pants on

So she’s fully clothed here, but don’t let that fool you. Her new favorite trick is to take off her pants and diaper. Up until today she’s only done it at home, usually during naps, and typically not gone to the bathroom when she’s pantless, but today she did it at my parents house in their pack and play during a nap, and took a big old poo. Which was lovely. And then when we got home, she proceeded to take her pants and diaper off every chance she got. She is definitely showing signs of the potty training readiness thing. She goes to be by herself every time she has to go #2. When she does go she wants to be changed immediately. She has even sat on the little potty I got her, and often when she goes diaper less she will run into the bathroom with the potty (she has yet to actually do anything on/in the potty, but still). I’m kind of letting her go at her own pace right now and not force things because she’s still so young (not even 2 until the end of the month), but I almost feel like she is potty training herself. The problem is that she’s not good at it and is going to do things like poop in the pack and play. So what do I do in this situation? Go full on potty training mode? Take things slow like the original plan? Duct tape her into her diaper (is that considered child abuse?).

Let me know interweb!

That’s all for tonight. Apologies for the randomness, but well, that’s pretty par for the course 🙂



  1. Megan | 16th Mar 18

    So glad you’re back in action on the blog. I am also a nurse, with a soon to be 3 year old girl and now 4 month old boy. Everything you post about is SO relateable. I find myself saying “YES!” out loud as I read! Haha. Congrats on #2. You have a beautiful family!

    • ejbecker85 | 19th Mar 18

      Thanks Megan! We sound like we have so much in common! I’m so glad your reading and relating to the blog! 🙂

  2. Nina | 8th Apr 18

    I’m a little late to the party, but yes on the potty-training. BUT you will have to keep your eyes on her at all times for several days, which may not be possible with Bobby, too. Mine is a couple months younger than yours and we’ve been potty training for about five weeks. He’s got it pretty well, but will now deliberately pee on the floor while watching me for a reaction! Good luck.

    • Liz | 10th Apr 18

      Oh good advice Nina! Thanks! And I can totally see Ryland peeing on purpose to see my reaction. These kids!

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