A wild and crazy Saturday night.

The husband (who shall henceforth on this blog be known as R) is working so I’m solo this weekend. After sleeping most of the day after working a night shift last night, I got ready for some crazy party times.

A quick trip to Kroger, and these are the 3 things in my cart at 5pm on a Saturday night:

1. I am admittedly turning into something of a crazy dog lady when I don’t remember the last time I went to the store and didn’t get something puppy related. But George needs his reinforcement treats.

2. No explanation necessary
3. Because OF COURSE I need to know the inner working of Jessa Duggar’s marriage to Ben. Do not judge me for my People addiction. I get them to take to the gym! They are my positive reinforcement treats.
My fun times party night was topped off by quite possibly my favorite salad in the world from Sticks. I am not exaggerating when I say that they know me at this place. I have gotten one of their salads at least twice a week for over a year.I don’t know what it is. I could make this salad at home. But it’s just something about their lemon sesame dressing and the feta and the little crunchy pita bits and the grilled onions, and I just crave it all the time. It’s easy for when I don’t want to cook for just me when R is at work. And I don’t have to feel as guilty as I would with most other take out places. Basically I am a Sticks believer.
So now I am off to spend the rest of the wine with my two close friends Pinot and Scandal. God that show is good. I mean I watch a lot of television, but Shonda Rhimes has pretty much created the most addictive show of all time right? I am completely shipping Olivia and Fitz, although honestly I’m not even sure if Fitz deserves her because Olivia is kind of a super hero. I have a little woman crush on Kerry Washington, and I’m just happy to see a show that has the most bad ass female lead character on TV right now. It is such a soapy, sudsy creation, but it also can be really smart and funny. Like I said, it’s the most addictive TV show of all time and thank goodness for Netflix. 

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