Why hello there, internet.

It’s nice to see you. No, this is not my first foray into the blog world. I had a blog, Measuring Out My Life In Coffee Spoons, that I started when I was a naive and oh so young 20 year old.

To recap my life for the last 9 years: that blog saw me graduate from the College of Charleston, venture to India for an insane and beautiful graduation trip, work as a barista and nanny in Charleston because I couldn’t bring myself to leave that beautiful city I loved and love so deeply, move to Thailand to be an ESL teacher and fall in love with Southeast Asia as I traveled through Malaysia, Laos, and Bali, move to DC to be a short term nanny for my beautiful niece, move back to Richmond to live with my parents and try to find full time employment as a writer (maniacal laugh inserted to represent that year long, oh so fruitless, soul killing application process), actually find work (decidedly not full time) as a freelance writer, travel to Haiti to work on a volunteer trip that changed my life, decide to become a RN because I was so tired of being unemployed and miserable and dependent on my parents and because I wanted to do something useful and good with my life after what I saw in Haiti, go through nursing school with all of its ups and downs and joys and frustrations, travel to Nicaragua and Malawi with Habitat for Humanity, graduate from nursing school and become a pediatric RN, my dream job, and oh yeah fall in love, get engaged to my best friend, buy a house with him, and get married last September.

And somewhere in the tail end of that, at this the tail end of my 20th decade, I fell off the blog wagon. Life was too crazy. There was too much else to do. And the thing is, life is still crazy. There is still too much else to do. Between my work as a nurse and a writer and my friends and my husband and my family, free time can be scarce. 

But I miss this. I miss writing this way. I miss exploring the tiny details of my life, writing about both the mundane and the huge, the funny and the sad, the trivial and the heavy. 

I could have gone back to my former blog, but when I go to that site now it feels like a time capsule. I’m still at my core the girl who started that first blog 9 years ago, but I’m also a million years away from her. My life is different now. I am an adult. That didn’t really happen until the last year, when I got full time, benefitted employment and got married and took on the responsibility of two dogs and keeping care of a household and not relying on my parents for so much financial assistance. And I feel like I should start fresh, in this brave, new adult world.

I kept a spin on the same blog title, because like I said, despite so many changes, I still retain so much of that 20 year old, and hope to always. I still have an itch for travel, an itch so deep that sometimes it’s all I can do not to book a trip to some far and random corner of the world. I still am obsessed with the small moments of life. I am deeply and passionately in love with so many “coffee spoons”, books and TV and music and food and running and health and wine and chocolate and the South and the ocean and every single season ever made of the Real Housewives.

I started this blog, because I didn’t want to miss or forget any moment of life. Nine years later, my God do I realize how quick it all moves. And I know it will only move quicker. I want to be able to keep these moments. I’m going to be 30 in less than a year. I am hopefully going to be a mom at some point in the near future. Life is only going to get fuller and richer.

I’m so excited for what is to come. But as always, as a writer, I never want to stop looking back. And this blog will help with that. I read my first blog when I want to remember what it was like to be 21 and irresponsible and completely, gloriously selfish. I want to read this blog one day to remember what it was like to grow and change and become a better nurse and friend and wife and daughter and sister and human.

And I hope that you will grow and change with me. 


2/16/2015 08:51:17 am

Liz, great to hear you are back to blogging! Enjoy the snow day – George is already looking bigger!! 🙂


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