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Hey friends! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA. I’ve been working on a bunch of freelance work and enjoying the last week with having R off work, so blogging fell a little by the wayside.

Thought I’d do a super quick catch up/photo dump 🙂


We had our first pool visit! I went back and forth about joining a pool this summer, what with two children two and under (neither of whom can swim :), but after our first visit, I’m pretty happy with the choice. I really want my kids to be comfortable with water and love swimming from an early age. I have so many great memories of swim team and long summer days spent at the pool, full of sunscreen and chlorine and snack bar hot dogs, and I want that for my kiddos too. The pool is also great because in addition to a kiddie pool, there’s a big section of the adult pool that’s only 3 feet deep. So I can have Ryland in her puddle jumper and Bobby in his hilarious little baby pool float (he was, not surprisingly, very zen and peaceful floating in the pool). I also plan to employ my niece as a mother’s helper occasionally, just to prevent Bobby from floating away while I’m tending to Ryland 😉


I can’t get over swim diapers on babies. Too. stinking. cute. And thank GOODNESS he did not poop in the pool. That is my #1 worst fear and I’m sure it’s inevitable. I just hope it’s not too horrible when and if it happens and that these diapers keep it from shutting down the entire pool (I mean how mortifying to be the mom who was responsible for closing the pool! Although again, I know it happens!)

We also spent a morning at one of our favorite places, the zoo!


I was too busy running after her to get any more pictures, but as usual, Ryland had a great time. The only hiccups were that 1) it’s field trip season so the place was packed with elementary school kids and 2) Ryland got “stuck” up in the giant play gym they have there (it’s one of those where there’s a starting place at the bottom and then it goes up several levels and to get down you go down a slide or come back the same way). She stood up on the top level crying “mama” for about 5 minutes as various older kids tried to coax her down until finally, I had to get my adult self up in the kiddie play gym to “rescue” her.


We’ve been spending a ton of time outside (when it hasn’t been raining). Ryland is pretty much happy as long as there’s water involved, so it’s nice to enjoy this phase of her life where she can be entertained with a hose and some cups.


This one has been teething this past week and also came down with a little cold a couple of days ago (thanks to my dumb decision to let him chew on random toys in the baby area of the Science Museum, in my defense I assumed this time of year most of the germs were gone, I was…wrong). I hate seeing him not feel well, but I’ve enjoyed the extra cuddles.


I’ve also managed to get out for some kid-free time this past week which has been nice. Last Thursday, we had a girls night to belatedly celebrate one of my friend’s bdays. We went to the VMFA for wine, snacks, and their happy hour jazz.


Afterward, we walked a few blocks to Little Saint, a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for a while now.


It was SO good. The only blip in the whole meal was the gorgonzola pimento cheese I naively ordered. Clearly, the gorgonzola was in the title, but in my mind, it was still going to taste like, well like pimento cheese. Nope. Gorgonzola is a whole lotta flavor and anything with it is going to pretty much only taste like gorgonzola, which I don’t love. So that’s kind of my fault (although really why does anyone need to mess with the perfection that is pimento cheese?). The grits bowl, however, was INSANELY good. So creamy. So delicious. And a runny egg!


The company was pretty great (and gorgeous, look at these ladies!) too 😉


We walked back to our cars through the Museum District, and it was one of those perfect Richmond nights in early summer, when it’s hot but still comfortable, and the whole city smells like magnolia blossoms. Gosh, that smell, combined with city noises and sidewalks just fills my soul up. It is one of the things I miss most in our current (magnolia-less) neighborhood. But luckily, I’m just a quick drive away from our beautiful Richmond and its explosion of those giant white blossoms.

Thanks to my sweet mom’s offer to babysit Friday afternoon, R and I also got out for a day date, which was fantastic. We saw a MOVIE (this is capitalized because I haven’t seen in a movie in a theater since pre-Bobby)


Obviously, a giant popcorn and soda were requirements (if you’re going to do a movie, you might as well DO a movie). We saw Solo and I thought it was so fun and good. It’s a really perfect summer movie, light and easy and entertaining. I love Star Wars, but I think even a non-Star Wars junkie would enjoy it and not be too confused.

After the movie, we stopped at West Coast Provisions out in Greengate for a Happy Hour drink and snacks.


And we were home by 5:30, so really my idea of the perfect date 🙂 (I’ve been getting up every morning between 4-5:30 with Bobby, so my bedtime is really early, for this reason, nighttime dates can be a struggle)

So that’s my life lately. Now I’m off to go enjoy some of this gorgeous cool weather we’re currently having. I’ve already been out twice already this morning, once on a quick run with Bobby and then with Ryland and George while Bobby napped (don’t worry, R is home). And my goal is to spend as much time outside today as possible and soak in these lovey temperatures before it gets hot again!

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