Christmas Gift Guide for Women

So I have to start my post by sharing that today was grocery day, and I was really, really dreading it. It’s pouring rain and in the 40s outside, and I could not motivate myself to get out the door, not to mention get the baby dressed, wrestled into a coat and hat, and out the door, but knew I needed to because we have nothing for dinner, and our only delivery option is Goochland pizza (and I’m trying to eat somewhat healthy between holidays). 

And then, I was staring at the refrigerator for the 10th time, and bam, it hit me: BUDDHA BOWL. If you don’t know what a buddha bowl it, it’s basically a mess of veggies (any you have on hand) cooked up and served over rice and quinoa. And in my fridge I had broccoli, kale, and zucchni, plus sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and rice in the pantry. I felt pure jubilation when I realized I could take off my jeans and real bra put back on my yoga pants and sports bra. 

This has absolutely nothing to do with my post today, but I really did have to share, because that moment you realize you don’t have to put on real pants for an entire day is really worth a million bucks. Today’s post is actually another gift guide. Last time I did a deep dive into the psyche of a new mother (totally stalker level obsessed with her child). Today’s list is a little more well rounded and could apply to any woman you know, mom, non mom, mom to be, etc, etc.

I feel like for Christmas you want things that make you feel cozy and happy, and everything on this list does. There are fleece lined leggings (which I’m dying to try), cute and joyful New Balance sneakers, fancy pajamas, cozy Tom’s slippers, and a Lululemon top that you can really live in. There’s also a few little extras like baking mats (also really am dying to try these), a cute water bottle, and a subscription to the Magnolia home journal, for those ladies like me who are a little unhealthily obsessed with Joanna Gaines.

Nothing on here is revolutionary or too surprising, but I’m pretty a lot of women out there would be happy to open any of these items come Christmas day 🙂

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