Christmas Gifts for New Mamas

Happy Monday everyone! So back in my freelance writing days, one of my favorite pieces to put together was a Christmas gift guide. I used to do it every year. I’m not freelancing at the moment, but I still thought it would be fun to throw together some good old gift guides. I thought I would start (selfishly) with one that was right up my alley, pefect gifts for any new mamas (or old mamas) you know. As I’ve quickly learned, mothers are crazy creepy stalkers when it comes to their own children, so the theme of these gifts=crazy obsession with your own baby. Let’s all just embrace the creepiness right now because I imagine when your kid is in their teens it’s no longer cute, but really just flat out weird to have an acne ridden teenage face plastered on your cellphone case. 

So in no particular order, here are the new mama themed gifts I’m loving right now (ahem, husband/santa if you’re listening, any of these would be welcome under the tree this year 😉

1. These custom silouhettes on Etsy are just the sweetest right? My grandmother has these for each of her six children, and I always thought they were so lovely and charming. These would probably work better for slightly older kids, because, let’s face it, babies don’t have much of a silhouette (it’s all kind of one shape, especially in prime pudge months). I think these would be one of those items you keep and treasure for always.
2. Stackable name rings. Also on Etsy! Love, love, LOVE these. Just such a sweet way to keep your baby close even when you’re not with them. These would be especially great for any working mama who has to be away from their babies for long chunks of time.
3. Rose gold name necklace. Another sweet little way to keep your baby close even when you’re far away. I’m on a super big rose gold kick right now (just ordered a new iPhone in rose gold and cannot WAIT to get it in the mail), and this is the perfect way to add a little pink into the jewelry mix. Love these with just the initials or the full name.
4. Minted heart photo collage. Nowadays when all of our photos are online, it’s really nice to have pictures that you can actually hang on a wall. I know I can never decide what pictures to print and frame, and this sweet collage is ideal for people who like me can’t decide, because you can pick a whole slew of prints. I think this would be a great way to display family pictures from a photo session or to illustrate an entire year in a baby’s life.
5. Photo phone case. So this is bordering on over the top, but I still think these personalized phone cases are really cute. Modern technology really allows parents to just dive right into stage 5 level clinger territory. Not only can your baby be your home and lock screen, but their cute face can also be plastered all over the case!
6. Mama bear mug. My goodness but do I love a mug. Might have something to do with my crippling caffeine addiction. And this mug is just so darn sweet right? Love, love, LOVE. Etsy really is a magical land.
7. Some kind of subscription box. So new mamas don’t always get out of the house like they used to. Especially with wee babies, it can be a monumental task to go to the store, let alone a mall. So a subscription to a fun delivery service like Fab Fit Fun or Birchbox or Stitch Fix can be a huge treat.
8. A gift subcription to Recently. New moms take a LOT of pictures on their phones. Like ridiculous paparazzi amounts of pictures of their baby. We have used Recently since Ryland was born and I love it. Basically every month you upload all of the pictures of your baby that you took (or choose 50 out of however many there are) and then they send them to you package in a sweet little photo book. It’s a great way to get your baby pictures off your phone and have them somewhere physical that you can hold and show to people.

9. Gift cards for massages/pedicures. This is super cliched, but I cannot over state how welcome a massage or a pedicure is for anyone who has recently birthed a child. Especially if you offer to babysit while mom goes to get this done. Then you automatically win best Christmas gift EVER.

10. I’ll love you forever locket from Etsy. The book this quote is from is really, truly sad, but also beauitful. I’ve always thought so. And then I became a mom and it got even sadder and even more beautiful. Even looking at this locket makes me want to cry a little, but in a good way if that makes sense?

And that’s it folks. Ten gifts that I think any new mama you know will love. Coming up I plan to do guides for new dads and for babies so stay tuned! 

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