Christmas-y goodness


Being an adorable elf is EXHAUSTING

It’s been a festive, low-key (well as low-key as things get with 2 babies under 2) lead up to Christmas around here.

The most exciting moment of the last two days had to be when Ryland found some razor blades in the bathroom. I, being a serious contender for mom of the year, was actually in the bathroom with her putting on makeup (a rare occurrence) and had no idea what she had gotten into (she always sits on the floor pulling things out of the drawers, somehow missed the fact that there were razor blades in there). She didn’t make any noise that would indicate something hurt. In fact she was TOO quiet, which was when I looked down and saw what looked like a crime scene.

Cue twenty minutes of trying to hold a towel on the (very minor but we all know how crazy razor nicks can bleed) cuts on her finger while she screamed and wriggled like a banshee. (This is when my peds nurse background kicks in, I can hold down a kid like the best of them and barely break a sweat).

We don’t have any medical tape in our house (nurse fail) so we managed to Maguiver a solution to keep her from bleeding all over our house. She was less than pleased but consoled by chocolate.

Otherwise it’s been a pretty mellow couple of days.

I made scones from the latest issue of Magnolia that were pretty darn scrumptious.

And today I’ve made chicken pot pie turnover filling for dinner tonight and will make the first few steps for Christmas morning cinnamon rolls!

While I’ve been baking, Ryland has managed to entertain herself…

And I’ve also eaten ALL THE FUDGE. I really need to find a new in home hobby after Christmas ends or I will soon weigh 300 pounds.

Peppermint chocolate


Buckeye fudge. SO good and easy.

The plan for the rest of Christmas Eve is a possible visit to drop off presents at my sister’s, then dinner at home (really hoping my pot pie turnovers turn out okay!) and gift wrapping/It’s A Wonderful Life/cocoa/and/or wine after Ryland goes to bed so that Santa can visit before morning 🙂

Its a rare year where Rob and I are both off Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so I’m really trying to enjoy every moment and soak in all the holiday family goodness.

Here’s hoping everyone else is having a lovely day! ????

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