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The light up “joy” sign is from Home Goods, angel from my mother-in-law!

So as I mentioned in my last post, we were early bird city about Christmas this year, and I may have gotten a little over excited. I just love Christmas, and I think the fact that we couldn’t decorate last year built up two years’ worth of Christmas spirit in my heart and it kind of exploded all over our house. I bought literal boughs of holly! I didn’t even know what a bough of holly really was, but now I know! Especially now that I’m a mom I feel like decorating for holidays has become something I can really go full throttle into. I know Ryland could care less about Christmas this year and would sooner eat her stocking than open it, but I want to start the precedent early that every year her house will be transformed into a magical Christmas wonderland. 

Here’s a little tour:

This nativity belonged to R’s grandfather, and I think it’s lovely. I wanted to give it a more formal locale (not that anywhere in our house is “formal”) so I put it on our entry table and accented it with some fresh juniper (smells SO good) we got at Strange’s nursery (plus some cinnamon pine cones, to really make the entire table smell even yummier). 
I tried to go with fresh greenery here but it just didn’t work (and I was worried it would shed all over the floor) so I went with artificial greenery and gussied it up with some white lights.
One thing I did this year and never had before is use a lot of fresh greenery (bought at either Strange’s or Great Big Greenhouse since we have zero yard and no holly trees to steal from, unless we clip off branches from our neighbors’ trees but that might lead to some awkwardness with the HOA). It may all dry up by Christmas but it looks pretty and is so easy. 
Grabbed this little rosemary tree at the Great Big Greenhouse. I love it because it’s cute, smells incredible, and can be planted in our yard in the spring! The snow globe is from Target, because we all have established that I cannot resist a cute holiday item from Target.
I got this little reindeer a couple of years ago, I think from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and I just think he’s so cute. Santa candy dish is from Target (any excuse to have candy in the house I will take).
So R and I both had Christmas villages in our houses growing up and really wanted to carry on that tradition. I remember always wanting to be the one to set up our Christmas village and arrange the little trees and houses just so. We had to start from scratch and after a lot of searching I decided on the St. Nicholas’ Square village from Kohl’s. I think it’s fun to do one that has pieces that come out every year and that can be collected from previous years on Amazon and Ebay. We went with a starter set with a cute little church and house, and I had to get a little santa and reindeer stable, because no Christmas village is complete without Santa. I rally can’t want to add to this every year and eventually it may morph into a full fledged Christmas city (or at least respectable sized town).
I needed something to put around the village so it wouldn’t look so teeny on the table, so I made these with lanterns I already owned, a bag of cranberries from Whole Foods, and some holly sprigs. Easy and festive!
So I have a love/hate relationship with PB Kids where I think I lot of their stuff is SUPER cute, but I also think it is crazy over priced. I did decide to splurge (although bought on sale!) for these personalized stockings, because I figure a stocking you have for life (my parents still have ours) and it was worth it. And who can resist penguins!?
A poinsettia is just a no brainer for the holidays right? And the tree rings are from past years’ Christmas trees. I saw this once on a holiday house tour and I thought it was the cutest tradition. So glad we decided to do it with our first tree! And that R owns a saw and can do this for me πŸ™‚
And a closer look. I wrote memorable facts about the year on the wood, like “First Married Christmas”, “First Christmas in the New House”, etc.
Last but not least the Christmas tree and the mantle! We went for a lovely 7-8ft fraser fir that I think is wonderfully chunky and stout (not unlike our daughter). It’s amazing how many ornaments we’ve accumulated in just 3 Christmas’ living together, and I know we’ll keep adding, especially now that we have a baby. If you take a close look you’ll see cute little gold glitter trees on the mantle. Spotted these at Home Goods and couldn’t resist! The tree skirt is a PB gift from our wedding registry (thanks again Laura!)

So that’s it folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed our little holiday house tour πŸ™‚ I love our house all the time, but right now it just feels so cozy and merry. Pretty much my favorite place in the world right now is here in the evenings with R and Ryland, a glass of wine, our holiday scented candle going, and a fire on. Pretty darn perfect.

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Love your “Holiday House Tour”! πŸ™‚


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