Easter Weekend.

Happy Easter everyone! I had an absolutely lovely Easter weekend, because I did absolutely zero that was momentous or exciting. I was off work and had no plans for travel. R worked this weekend so I didn’t have any exciting things to do for a date night. And as much as I love exciting and fun filled weekends, I was really grateful to have a non-exciting, non “fun” couple of days at home to get things together, clean, do laundry, etc.

I organized my closet and switched out my warm weather and cold weather clothes (I know at this point you’re probably thinking, but she said her weekend wasn’t exciting!) I organized the storage under our guest bed (it really does just keep getting more exciting doesn’t it?). I cannot describe how happy it makes me to look at a clean, organized closet filled with spring and summer clothing instead of sweaters and corduroy. 

In addition to that craziness I did a good bit of cooking/baking.

For dinner Saturday I made a really yummy pasta salad for us. I was in the mood for something cold, easy to make ahead and veggie filled and came up with this:

Pasta (I used tricolor veggie infused-veggie infused pasta is not really a substitute for real veggies but when combined with veggies it’s just a little bit of extra nutrition)

Canned salmon for protein and yummy fatty acids
Parsley, mint (spring puts me in such an herbacious mood 🙂 ), broccoli, cherry tomatoes, red onions, and green beans. Oh and this insanely good authentic Greek feta that the Carytown Kroger carries (the Willow Lawn Kroger sadly does not have the same fancy cheese selection)
I combined it all and threw together a lemon, red wine vinegar, olive oil dressing. Plus some salt and pepper and mmmmmmmmm.
I also did some biscuit baking. Now I am ashamed to admit this as a Southerner and biscuit fanatic, but I have only attempted to bake biscuits a couple of times before and they never turned out all that great. I never could get them really flaky and soft. As I was perusing the latest Southern Living I stumbled upon their recipe for the best buttermilk biscuit recipe EVER. Of course I had to take that challenge. I also am due to make several dozen biscuits for one of my best friend’s bridal showers coming up so I needed to do a test run. I thought the perfect occasion would be my family’s Easter celebration.

The recipe and video is here. Basicaly Southern Living did all the grunt work and tested hundreds of recipes and techniques to look for the best of the best. I followed this recipe almost exactly (minus the White Lily flour, which Kroger didn’t have, will have to try Southern Seasons next time). I think what really might make the biggest differences with this recipe comes down to the technique things (really the ingredients are as simple as can be, butter, buttermilk, and self rising flour). I froze and grated the butter as they directed. I also stirred the number of times they recommended, used a rolling pin, and did the folding thing. My biscuit dough started out a little more crumbly than in the video and I had to work to get it to smooth out. I also baked the first batch a little too thin. But my second batch came out really flaky and nice. The hardest was getting an even roll on the dough and I think that will get easier the more I do it and get used to what the right thickness is.

God I love a biscuit. They may be my favorite food on this planet
They were a big hit with the family. I spent the afternoon out at my aunt’s “party house”, Huguenot Springs, which was actually where I got married. It’s the coolest house with awesome history, former Victorian hotel, former Civil War hospital, where rowdy Baptists came to socialized before getting kicked out of their church. We spend a lot of our holidays and just general family gatherings there. Any event with my family means lots of aunts (I have 5), cousins (I have 11 on my dad’s side), babies (a lot of the cousins have procreated recently), wine & beer, and lots of incredible food. We are Southerners after all and know that no holiday is a holiday without the right sized (i.e. massive) spread. I missed having my hubby around for the holiday, but at least I got to spend time with my lovely family.

And that was the excitement of my weekend. Other than what I listed I spent a lot of time watching Scandal (I’m in the 3rd season now and just can. not., I only wish I had watched the show in live time so I could have joined in on all of the timely chatter about it, I feel a little dated freaking out about something that happened a year ago, but pretty soon I’ll be caught up). And I also spent a lot of time enjoying the beautiful weather outside with these two hooligans.

Hope everyone else’s weekend was as relaxing and restoring as mine (or at least full of family and food). Happy Easter!

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