First Mom Birthday


This one has not yet learned the concept of a birthday sleep-in.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

So yesterday was my birthday (the big 3-1). And it was my first birthday as a mama. And I will definitely say that birthdays pre and post baby are a little different, especially if your husband is working from 7-7 and you’re on solo mom duty all day long . I learned quickly that baby does not care if it is your birthday and still wakes up when it is dark outside (can it please start getting light out earlier, please! I never realized how much it sucks until I was waking up between 5:30-6:30 on a regular basis). Baby also does not care if mama wants to do a little birthday shopping and decides to get ornery in Nordstrom, forcing mama to go home and finish her shopping online.


Right before our mall meldown. I was trying to stave it off with sunglasses. That worked for about 5 minutes.

However, even though my birthdays are no longer a 24 hour long me, me, me session, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Because ornery-ness and all, my baby is still pretty much my favorite person on Earth, and how could I not want to spend my day with her?
It really was a lovely, low key day. I took Ryland and picnicked in Libby Hill park with my mom. We ate one of my favorite sandwiches in the entire world (and that’s saying something, sandwiches are pretty much my favorite food)-feta brined chicken, kasseri cheese, spinach, and lemon aioli on a crusty baguette from Stella’s.

Then we tried to go to the mall, which as I mentioned above didn’t work out so great. But I did my second favorite kind of shopping and ordered two shirts (have been searching high and low for nicer blouse/tunics and hope these work in person!, I really am getting old because all I want right now is a good blouse) and a pair of Tom’s boot wedges (on sale!) from Nordstroms.

For dinner two of my favorite gal pals came over for pizza. And Pearl’s cupcakes!


Carrot, my favorite!

And then because I wasn’t spoiled enough (and hadn’t eaten enough clearly) R came home after work with a Gelatic Celesti ice cream pie/cake made with the two best flavors, Oreo and Just Ask (if you haven’t had Gelati Celesti Just Ask and live in Richmond go get some right now, it’s peanut butter and cookies and vanilla and SO GOOD). And if there’s any day of the year you can have two consecutive deserts it’s your bday, so obviously I unhinged my jaw and made room for more sugar.
R also had some beautiful flowers delivered earlier in the day.
And he got us tickets for an upcoming show in Richmond that I CANNOT wait for 🙂

All in all it was a really great birthday. Definitely not the birthdays of yesteryear that involved all day shopping sprees or day drinking or crazy nights out at bars (I’ll save that for 40), but a lovely one all the same. I’m a year older, and if there’s one thing being a pediatric nurse has taught me over the last three years it’s to never complain or feel sorry for yourself when it comes to getting older. When you see little kids face life threatening illnesses like cancer or cystic fibrosis, you realize quickly that aging is a gift and a blessing, and I really try to remember that every day and embrace getting older, creaky joints and all.

I’m beyond blessed with a beautiful family and a tremendous group of friends. It’s a wonderful life that I lead, and I’m absolutely thrilled to see what 31 will bring. Especially with this little munchkin by my side.

10/20/2016 12:05:36 pm

My birthday this year was my first as a mother too, and I feel you! It was wonderful and at the same time sooo different from past birthdays- definitely not all about me me me all day. and I love what you said- aging is a gift and a blessing- what a great reminder! Happy birthday and wish you and your family a blessed year ahead!


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