First solo day with two


How Ryland spent her morning, pantless of course


How Bobby spent much of the morning

So guys, today is my first solo parent day with both babies. My husband has been on leave this entire past month (trust me, I know how rare that is and how lucky we are to have had such a long time to both be home). But as of today he’s back at work, and his work days typically mean he leaves the house at 6 and doesn’t get back till after 8, so I’m really solo the entire time both kiddos are awake.

Ive definitely been feeling more and more nervous about this as the time has approached, ready in some ways to get into a new routine/normal but mostly nervous. I have spent a lot of time picturing worst case scenarios of a messy, chaotic house with both babies screaming their heads off and me hiding under our kitchen table clutching a bottle of wine and the last shreds of my sanity. And I know people do it all the time, and people do it with 3 or 5 or 13 kids, or twins, or with their husband in a foreign county or without any partner at all. I get this could be SO much harder. But it still has felt really daunting to imagine what it be like solo in charge of two under two. And mostly because of the toddler. Newborns feel like a relative breeze in comparison to a 21 month old. Anyone with a 21 month old will know that it is like trying to parent a tiny, drunken sociopath. And how would I take care of my little sociopath when I also had to nurse a baby and change his diaper 15 times a day (an exaggeration but only just slightly).

And well we’re halfway through the day and we’ve all survived. I showered. There have been minimal tears (and none from me) Ryland even has pants on! Granted my mom came over for a couple hours so technically it hasn’t really been a solo day. But slowly but surely we’re all finding our rhythm without dada here.

And what’s helped the MOST and is just a GOD SEND for any mom out there is the beautiful, amazing invention of grocery delivery. I literally cannot even picture going to a grocery store with both of the kids right now.

And luckily I don’t have to!

Boom! Just my shopping list, a list shopped by someone else, while I stay home and eat Christmas candy in my closet (I can’t eat anything like this in the open or my toddler will attack me and demand her share).

And thats not all. There’s Instacart which you can use for groceries from a variety of local stores but not alcohol. But never fear, if you are a mom at home with kiddos and need wine you say? (and obviously you need wine). Well then our good friend Amazon Now is here to help.

Truly a Christmas miracle!

So basically we’re all doing pretty well so far. But to be fair I do owe a lot to my mom, Instacart, and Amazon. Without these things I may have just ended up crying under my kitchen table.

How did anyone parent back before these inventions? I have so much respect for my forebears who actually had to leave the house occasionally????

Now the true test will be this evening when Ryland and Bobby are both at their crankiest and I’ll have to navigate dinner, bath time and bedtime by myself. But we’ll survive. And I’m sure in no time life with two will be totally routine just like it was with one. And until then there’s wine, and online grocery delivery…and chocolate.

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