Food Truck Food Courts and Sinus Infections

Well about that “second” cold I was coming down with. Turns out not a second cold but a lovely sinus infection.

I thought it was weird to get a second cold so soon but wasn’t feeling awful, until last night and this morning when I got hit by a big old garbage truck: awful sinus pressure, super sore throat, a low fever and just generally feeling like a big old pile of poo.

I haven’t practiced as a nurse in a few months, I still remember that it’s usually a bad sign when you’re on the mend and then suddenly get a lot worse. So I headed to the CVS Minute Clinic (my primary care doc) and got antibiotics from a sweet, older NP. Hopefully they will knock this out soon, because you guys, not surprisingly, it really sucks to parent when you’re sick. This is the worst I’ve felt since having Ryland (I know, I’m VERY lucky) so there’s been a lot of this going on:

We’ve been Netflix-ing and chilling pretty hard core. Which is good because normally, its really hard for me to stop and rest. Even today I’ve found myself tidying up a little here and there, doing grocery shopping when I went to get my antibiotic at Wegmans. So I’m trying to embrace the slug of it all.

I also realize that the whole sleep deprivation of the last 6 weeks or so is really taking a toll. I’m a sleeper. I normally need 8+ hours. So I do think the fragmented, minimal sleep of late is probably why a run of the mill cold turned into a nasty sinusitis. Especially when you add breastfeeding to the mix, which takes a lot of energy to begin with.

Anyhoo, that’s enough complaining but I am going to try to take a little better care of myself, because I hate that on days like today I have to plop my kid in front of a TV for hours on end. She deserves a mom who is healthy and ready to play and go. And hopefully after a few doses of amoxicillin she’ll have that mama back.

Before I started feeling like a turd sandwich (you’re welcome for the visual) yesterday, we did manage to get out to the West Creek Hardywood food truck food court, which was SO fun and will hopefully become a family summer tradition.

We had empanadas, arepas, and plantains from a South American food truck. The plantains were on point!

I also had this really yummy sour beer (which probably didn’t help my sinus infection, but thought it was worth a try!)

Ryland was kind of a monster, as is per usual lately.

But she still had fun running around and seeing all the people there.

We ended the night with a perfect summer night treat, McFlurrys from the McDonalds drive through (the M&M one was good but I will never forgive them for getting rid of the peanut butter cup option, darn you McDonalds! You know I need my Reese’s!).

And now I’m off to rest as much as possible (R is working tonight so sadly I will not be lounging with my feet up, but hopefully the kiddos take pity on their mama and behave somewhat for dinner, baths and bedtimes)

Hope you are all in better health and taking care of yourselves (as much as possible with well, life to deal with)!

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