Four things.

1. The hubby and I went to Saison last night for a sort of belated Valentine’s celebration. We actually had reservations at Saison on the 14th but R got violently ill from a stomach bug that morning, so dinner was not really a possibility. I actually kind of prefer celebrating on a random Wednesday night though, because really who cares about the a set date on a calendar when it comes to celebrating the one you love. I went to Saison right after it opened a few years ago and liked it, but have always wanted to go back. And I’m so glad I did. It was AWESOME. I knew it was known for creative cocktails, so despite being more of wine and  beer people typically, both hubby and I went to the liquor route. He got a Negroni that came topped with an orange peel, a little more alcholy-y than I like my drinks but still yummy. I got the End of Days (tequila, campari, lime, demerara, and India Pale Ale). I am not normally an IPA fan but this was perfect. The IPA added a nice bitter, hoppy tone to blend with the lime-y goodness of the rest of the drink, and it was really yummy and refreshing. Because it was our Valentine’s and thus a celebration, we went for cocktail #2 and I got A Tortugan Conspiracy (best cocktail names ever amiright?). This one had Jamaican and Nicaraguan rum, lime, demerara, and allsipce. Along the same lines as my first drink but without the beer. And again sooo good. Nice and fresh and bright. I really felt like I was on a tropical island but without all the over the top sweetness of most islandy drinks.

The food was just awesome as the drinks. We started with smoked cheddar pimento cheese biscuits, which were just heavenly balls of gooey dough (that might sound weird, but I really love my baked goods slightly undercooked, and these were perfectly doughy). I got something called the Rundown for my entree, which was a broth based seafood dish with mussels, clams, shrimp, white fish, and sweet potatoes in a coconut habenero broth. Really spicy and warm and yummy but still super bright and flavorful. Great for a chilly night but also slightly reminiscent of being on warm, sunny beach somewhere in Southeast Asia. Hubby got the Nashville hot chicken with pickles and mac n’cheese. Let’s just say both plates were picked clean.

Again because special occasion (although let’s be honest, who really needs a special occasion for dessert) we split the “carrot cake.” I am somewhat of a carrot cake connoisseur. I requested carrot cake for every single birthday of my childhood. And this concoction somehow managed to satisfy the urge for a traditional carrot cake with all of those familiar flavors of carrot and nut and cream cheese while still being incredibly original. It was actually the only dish I took a picture of (mostly because with the others ones I was too busy unhinging my jaw to swallow them whole, apologies for how dark it is)

The cake was moist and rich and awesome, but the stars of this plate were the black pepper cream cheese ice cream (btw, how is CREAM CHEESE ICE CREAM not a thing that we do all the time people of earth, it seems so painfully obvious that cream cheese ice cream would be one of the most wonderful things of all time, and yet I have never seen it before), the curried carrot relish (I cannot even describe how weird and wonderful these tasted) and CHURRO CRUMBLES. Yes churro crumbles. You read that right. I know you want this in your face right now. It was absolutely absurd. Definitely will be returning to Saison for more wonderful cocktails and food in hopefully the near future. Bonus, the service was great and the atmosphere cozy and inviting.

2. I was forced to order my contacts through Canadian backroads today. Yes that is right. I had to turn to CANADA for my contacts. Long story short, I kept having to postpone my yearly eye exam because of well, life and snow and life. I ran out of contacts. The next time I can get in for an eye exam at my normal eye doctor is way far in the future. I tried to make a quickie appointment at lens crafters but they won’t take my insurance. You can’t order contacts from American websites without an active prescriptions. Which leads to the ridiculousness. CONTACT LENS prescriptions “expire” after one year. So you have to go to the eye doctor every year to get an expensive exam in order to get said prescription, even if your vision hasn’t changed. Is this not just the biggest scam ever? I am guessing eye doctors are all pretty loaded, because their business is guaranteed by the fact that they can hold contacts hostage from people who are blind like me. But really, if I feel like my vision hasn’t changed, I should darn well have the right to order contacts without a “current” prescription, especially when getting that prescription requires a costly exam. Who is this rule supposed to protect? Shouldn’t adults have the right to decide when their vision has worsened enough to need a new prescription? I get a lot of prescriptions expiring. Blood pressure medicine? Sure. Because you know if those people don’t get into their cardiologist their heart might explode. Insulin? Absolutely. But contacts? So finally after some googling I discovered there is a loophole, and that loophole is the Great Wide North. I never thought I would have to turn to Canada for my eye needs, but apparently Canadians are smart enough to order the proper contacts without yearly visits to the eye doctor. So thanks Canada. I owe you. Don’t get smug. 

3. I have a really hard time with the whole Lululemon thing. The silly side of me likes their clothes, because they come in pretty colors and nice fabrics and they lull you with their lifestyle brand. Lululemon has brilliant people in their marketing department, because you feel like if you wear their workout clothes you will suddenly lead this cool, fit, relaxed life, full of impromptu yoga poses and the ability to look fabulous after running several miles. The rational side of me thinks it’s all just a massive scam. Somehow workout clothes have become a fashion statement, and you feel this pressure to be stylish even when you are disgusting and covered with sweat. What happened to the days of working out in old concert tee-shirts and gym shorts you stole from the guy you’re dating? I’m not sure when this change occurred where us poor women now are supposed to look put together and on trend at the gym or in a workout class. As if it wasn’t already hard enough to be a woman. I blame Taylor Swift. And Lululemon. Really I do. As a feminist I’m kind of appalled by a business that pressures women into paying exorbitant prices for luxury workout gear.

And yet. The silly side. The silly, gullible side of me who also likes Ugg boots and i-Phones and other insanely mass market items. I wish I could be the free spirit who goes to the gym in jorts and a ripped t-shirt. I really do. But sometimes I just need to make stupid purchases. All of this is prelude to the inner conflict I went through inside of the Lululemon store at Short Pump today. I picked up and put down probably half the items in the store.

And the end result was kind of a tie. I bought a long-sleeved t-shirt, because I can run in it, wear it pre and post Tidal Wheel classes, and even just wear it on loungy days. I also bought a headband because my hair is a wild animal that needs to be tamed. I did however draw the line at the $96 workout capris. Because I just can’t. No one other than professional athletes should spend $100 bucks on an item of clothing designed for sweat. 

4. My best friend, MK, and I had a lady date tonight at Mai Sushi in the Village Shopping Center. I LOVE sushi, and have been dying to try it, and am so glad we did. It’s a tiny little hole in the wall, and I’m pretty sure the owner was also the sole waiter, host, bartender, and chef, but the sushi was really good. I got my typical and boring salmon and spicy tuna maki rolls with miso soup and salad with ginger dressing with a Sapporo beer to wash it down, but next time I definitely want to be adventurous. I kept getting the scent of smoke and wondered what could possibly be burning at a SUSHI restaurant, but finally noticed the tables near us were all getting a plate that was literally on fire. We asked another diner and it’s something called the volcano roll. And it comes to the table ON FIRE. Next time I am absolutely getting that, because I like my sushi with a side of danger. I’m also totally going to use this place for takeout as well, because it’s in my hood. Sadly I do not think the flaming volcano roll is available in take out form.

Now off to bed early because I’m working this Saturday and Sunday. Hope you all enjoy your weekends!

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