Friday Five

Hey friends! Sorry for another bullet point post, but I’ve found that these tend to be easier to do when I am constantly getting interrupted by a toddler who wants to play or infant who wants to eat 🙂

Here’s what’s going on with us on this blustery March day.

1. What I’m cooking:  these Skinny Taste pork bahm mi bowls. I took a picture of the pork in the Crockpot (I know, I know, half of America broke up with their Crockpots after a rogue one murdered  Jack on This is Us,  but I just can’t quit mine. We go way back. It makes my life easier. It completes me), but then I realized a photo of half cooked simmering hunk of pork tenderloin isn’t exactly pretty to look at, so I thought I’d show you what the finish product will look like instead. Super easy and SO good. I’ve made it once before and it was delightful, and it’s one of those meals that makes your house smell like pork scented heaven. Ironically this is cooking while Ryland watches her beloved Peppa Pig, but luckily she is not old enough to understand that her mama is cooking one of Peppa’s cousins. When that time comes she may turn into a vegetarian.

2. ​What we’re wearing. Ryland is sporting this adorable llama dress from Target’s Cat and Jack line. Llamas are having a moment right now, and I am all for it. I’ve also learned that dresses are useful right now, because Ryland is still sporting quite the toddler beer gut (although for her, the culprit of course isn’t beer but instead the thousands  of fruit pouches she eats), and until she starts to grow vertically instead of horizontally, a lot of shirts that fit her shoulders and arms tend to leave her belly hanging in the breeze.

I’m going to write a full post about this soon, but I’ve had to do some post pregnancy shopping (not that it takes much arm twisting for me to shop 🙂 ). Anyone who has had a baby knows about that weird post pregnancy phase where you don’t want to wear your maternity clothes anymore (or really you would wear those stretchy, ruche-y clothes for the rest of your life if you could, only society frowns on non pregnant people wearing jeans without zippers), but you also aren’t exactly ready to wear your pre pregnancy clothes. For me personally, the biggest issue with clothes, is my, ahem how do I say this politely, breastfeeding related increase in dĂ©colletage. If I wear my old shirts, particularly my old V neck shirts, I feel like I’m auditioning for Girls Gone Wild. And I could just suck it up and be uncomfortable and awkward (more than normal) until I stop breastfeeding and can go back to my old shirts, but I think because I am sustaining the life of my child, I deserve a few new tops. Amiright? Anywho, Gray Monroe has some great, blouse-y tops that are nice and loose but also not enormous mumu’s. I don’t want to throw on a poncho and call it a day, but I also don’t want to be super cleavage-y when I’m constantly leaning over to pick up Ryland or buckle someone into a stroller. The shirt above I feel like is a nice in-between. They have a lot of tops like this as well as a ton of cute, affordable spring stuff I have my eye on, and if you use this link to do your shopping, you’ll help feed this mama’s shopping habit because they have a referral program 🙂

3. What I’m watching.  Besides a whole lot of Peppa Pig and Sesame Street, I am SUPER excited that Survivor started back up again this week. I went on a hardcore binge of this show a year ago (I hadn’t watched since the second season, so I had a lot of catching up to do, because there approximately 576 seasons now), and now I’m watching the seasons as they air, which is fun. This one looks like it’s going to be good. I am also watching the Real Housewives of New York City trailer on REPEAT.

I consider myself something of a Housewives connoisseur, and none of the shows can really compare to NYC. And this season looks epic.  I mean Luann got arrested! And they all almost died on a boat in Columbia. You can’t make this up. And I am counting down the days until the premiere.
4. What I’m proud of/sentimental over. I took Ryland and Bobby to the Children’s Museum today and I think Ryland must have really missed it during our flu avoidance season. We walked in the doors and she literally sprinted away from me as I checked in. And then for the 90+ minutes we spent there, she completely did her own thing, totally independent, could not have cared less where mama was. And this made me super  excited and proud, because the first few times I took her here she clung to me the entire time and wouldn’t walk three feet away. Now she is fearless, running from activity to activity, playing by herself, “playing” with the other kids (as much as a 23 month old plays with other kids, mostly a lot of staring and awkward, fumbled interacting, sort of like drunk college kids at a bar). She danced on the big light up screen on the floor. She dove into the giant cat litter pit (okay fine, it’s not cat litter but it might as well be, we always end up bringing home like a pound of it). She put light up pegs in the giant lite brite. She was absolutely, 100% fine without me. I could have gone to Starbucks and she probably wouldn’t have noticed. And of course that made me SO proud. And of course it made my heart ping, a little tugging sensation that I know will show up more and more the older she gets, the little ping/ache of knowing your kid is growing up without  your direct assistance, stepping just a little further to the edge of your orbit in their life. She’s not even 2. I know I’m still the sun in her tiny universe. But I also know that every day, that universe is getting a little bigger. And eventually it will be filled with a hundred stars, of which mama is just one. And that’s normal and okay and good and necessary. I know that of course. But I also know that in a little part of my brain and heart she will always be a tiny infant completely dependent on me, and every time I watch her grow, it will hurt a teeny bit. I think that’s pretty much the definition of parenting, cheering your kid as they grow, but missing each younger, helpless version of them that gets left behind.

5. What I’m excited about. Speaking of milestones, Bobby is starting to take naps in his crib! (his room is the only one upstairs in our house, which is part of why it’s taken so long to start doing naps up there, it’s always been so much more convenient for him to nap downstairs in the Rock and Play). It’s a little embarrassing to show this picture, because it looks like he’s prepared to nap in the North Pole or outer space. I don’t plan on him sleeping in the sleepsuit and dock a tot for long, but I figure it’s a gentle way to transition him to the crib, versus just plopping him down in there when he’s been so used to the sweet, sweet cozy comfort of the Rock and Play. And it makes for a really cute sight, because the sleepsuit makes babies look like they’re wearing a giant, yellow marshmallow 😉

That’s it for our Friday! Stay tuned for (hopefully) a new blog look very, very soon. I actually outsourced the migration between blog platforms (there are companies that do that conveniently!) because after attempting to do it myself for a few days, I realized that paying someone a small fee was worth my sanity, because it was rapidly ebbing away. Hopefully any day now we’ll be up and running and my blog will have a nice little facelift! Until then happy weekending!

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