Friday Five

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s what five things are on my mind today.

1. R and I went to Richmond Symphony’s Rush Hour at Hardywood last night (it’s a cool series that happens every couple of months where they do a short concert). The music and the beer were both delightful. I had a new Hardywood beer (or at least new to me, I hadn’t been there in a while, because, babies), the Drink of Me Fondly (a Biere de Champagne, which basically is a fancy way of saying a “fizzy” beer, also was in the Saison style) and there is nothing I love more than a cold, slightly fruity wheat-ish beer. Mmmm. It was also only 4% alcohol which was helpful because again, babies (they weren’t with us, but I did have to go home and be able to feed Bobby without getting him drunk ūüėČ ) They had a yummy Chipotle style foodtruck so I had a chicken burrito bowl and sipped my fancy pants champagne beer listening to fancy pants classical music by a live symphony. I felt very sophisticated. The crowd there was¬†very¬†different from the typical Richmond brewery crowd. Lots of older artsy folks and business people in nice clothes. I went to grab a beer and the line could not have been more polite and orderly than if we were in Canada. It was actually kind of wonderful.

2. Bobby is finally old enough for (short) stints in the Jumparoo! It’s nice, because now we have a grand total of five “activities” to do with him (the other 4 being eating, sleeping, lounging in a swing/seat or lying on the playmat). It’s nice to have a little variety. His face above was representative of his initial reaction to this crazy contraption (particularly when Ryland is around and trying to aggressively swing him in it). But after a little time he got more into the idea.

3. So excuse me for this blatant bit of self promotion, but I had a few articles published recently and as a writer (who is more used to constant rejection and failure), I still get pretty excited whenever something of mine actually gets accepted anywhere, paid or unpaid. So I thought I would share:
Scary Mommy piece about moms coming together to deal with gun violence piece about family friendly Richmond breweries piece¬†about how a city person can survive and even adapt to life in the ‘burbs

Also I am trying to take it as a sign of success that almost anything I do get published attracts some angry commenters. The kid-friendly brewery and gun violence pieces have attracted some trolls, but I am very proud of myself for not engaging and getting into a comment war (which could only end badly).

4. Is there anything better than Costco’s almond chocolate biscotti? The only problem is that these things are highly addictive, and every time I eat one I also then have make another cup of coffee (because no civilized person can have biscotti without coffee, I’m not a peasant!). So I end up getting an unnecessary caffeine fix on top of my unnecessary sugar fix.

5. And speaking of sugar, I found out yesterday that among the many delightful things that pregnancy does to a woman, it also DESTROYS your teeth. I exaggerate, slightly, but I have 3 cavities! I’ve only ever had 3 cavities in my entire life before this. Full disclosure: I haven’t been to the dentist since before Ryland was born (I know, I know! Save your disgust. I was disgusted at myself). In my defense I haven’t been able to bring myself to make a dentist appointment while I was pregnant, because during both of my pregnancies I couldn’t ever even brush my teeth without gagging and/or puking so the thought of a full dentist appointment was pretty unappealing. And then between my pregnancies it was one of those things I always planned to do and just kept putting off, because if I had someone to watch Ryland, the LAST thing I wanted to do was use that time for the dentist. But long story short, all of that dental neglect = 3 cavities. But the hygienist and dentist both said that pregnancy makes you more prone to cavities (so really it’s not because I am a gross person who never flosses, totally not my fault, right…?)

Well that’s a whole lot of randomness, but what else is new? ūüėČ I’m off to go do some more research on a tropical vacation (KID FREE!!!!!) we are planning for this fall to celebrate a big birthday of R’s. I’ll share more details when we finally decide where we’re going, but I’ll give you a hint about the front runner, it starts with an M and rhymes with Texaco.

Anyone have any advice on kid free tropical vacays? Are all-inclusives the way to go? As a young, cool, adventurous person I used to mock those places, but now the thought of going somewhere where I can drink and eat to my full and have everything taken care of sounds pretty magical.

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