Friday Five

Happy Friday everyone! The weather continues to be beautiful, and my goodness I know I sound like a broken record, but what a wonderful boost to the soul it is. I don’t think we even realize how mentally and spiritually drained we are by these long, dark, indoor winter days until we get those first few spring days, and it’s like exhaling for the first time in months. Just bliss 🙂

So here are what five things I’m loving right now.

1. Hoke Poke deliciousness.


I saw that a poke restaurant opened in Short Pump and was SO excited. I’ve wanted to try poke for years and knew I would likely love it because of my love of both sushi and bowls of deliciousness with many toppings. I was very correct in my assumption. Loved this meal and everything about it and can’t wait to go back for more. It’s so nice when food trends finally make their way to Richmond, even if it is a few years late 😉

2. This acai bowl from Ginger Juice.


Speaking of food trends, my unabated love for Acai bowls continues. This one from Ginger Juice was a goodie.

3. Fresca’s new look.


My husband and I have something of a crippling Fresca addiction. We may or may not go through 3 cases a week. In my defense it is zero calorie and caffeine free! There are worse drinks to be obsessed with. But because of my addiction to the grapefruit flavored goodness that is Fresca, I did quite a double take when I opened a new case to see this fancy new look. Go ahead Fresca. Do your thing. You no longer look like the poor man’s San Pellegrino.

4. Bobby’s spring threads.

fullsizeoutput_fef.jpegNow that’s it’s finally warm, one of the more exciting consequences is that I can bust out some of the adorable wardrobe for Bobby I’ve gotten from two of my best buds. And it’s all so cute! No more pajamas all day every day (only some days). And I feel like it’s the first time since birthing him I’ve seen his arms and legs. They’re so cute!

5. This EW cover of the cast of Dawson’s Creek

I, like many people my age, experienced the peak of my own adolescent angst and moodiness and all the feelings during the time Dawsons Creek was on. It started when I was in middle school and I watched it through high school. It was a BIG deal. It was appointment TV. I remember begging my mom to let me watch it. I also remember setting my VCR to record it (yes children, we did such things) at like 2am because for a while richmond lost the CW (or WB as it was then) and all of its shows came on NBC at random hours of the early morning. I was so caught up in the drama of Capeside, in the ridiculously wordy dialogue, in the American Eagle outfits that we all wanted (I tried so hard to look like Joey Potter in cargo pants and short sleeve button downs over tanks, needless to say I failed to pull it off), in the emo music and the EPIC love story of Joey and Pacey (forever!). So I was pretty emotional to see the new EW reunion cover. I am so very old. Also Katie Holmes must have sold her soul to Tom Cruise because she is ridiculously more beautiful now right?

That’s it for my Friday Five. Night everyone!

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