Friday Five

[For some reason, even though I published this post on Friday, it totally disappeared for a few days so I had to republish, apologies!]

Hi friends! Hope you all survived the week and have some wonderful weekend plans in store!

R and I are going to go see Rent tonight (!!), and even though I’m running on an average of 4 hours of sleep a night right now (Baby cold = Bobby waking up multiple times at night = tired mama), I am SO excited. Rent was the first Broadway show I ever saw, way back on my high school senior trip (so in the paleolithic era I believe). I loved it and was so moved by it back then, and still get the songs frequently stuck in my head.

We’re also going to try to hit up a rooftop bar for drinks and some appetizers beforehand, so I’m doubly excited. If that all sounds glamorous and exciting, just to bring it back down to mom earth, I am sitting here pumping as I type this because my baby is a breastmilk snob and won’t drink formula (even if we hide like an ounce of it in a bottle of breastmilk). So I have to pump enough to have multiple bottles ready for my mom. Which means I may be sitting here like a cow for an hour, because my pumping output, while never stellar, has really sucked lately (I really don’t miss the whole leaking/spraying part of early breastfeeding, but I do miss having enough supply for quick, bountiful pumping sessions)

Anyhoo, here are five things on my mind today!


1. We went to music class again on Wednesday, and while I, unfortunately, didn’t get any photos mid-class, I did snap this adorable one afterward on the playground. The cutie on the left is one of my best friends’ sons, who is only a few months apart from Ryland. Up until now, they’ve mostly eyed each other warily and with deep distrust during playdates, but they are finally getting to the age where they only eye each other warily 50% of the time, and actually do something close to “play” the other 50%. It’ s really darn cute.


2. Speaking of cute. I’m sorry, this is shameless. But even with a cold, even though is he is currently trying to put me through a crash course in the art of torture by sleep deprivation, isn’t he just the sweetest? I sure do love him a lot. Don’t tell him though. I don’t want it to go to his head.


3.So I’ve been trying to make an effort to cut back on screen time (I have nothing against it on principle but we were getting a little excessive with our Netflix binges), and so I’ve been trying to get “creative” (now, I am no Susan, my creativity has its limits). For me, creative is filling up our sink with soapy water and letting Ryland have at it. I also stole an idea from the aforementioned best friend with the cutie pie son, and Instacarted some shaving cream and food coloring. Ryland LOVES anything slimy/muddy/gooey/messy, so she obviously had a blast with this.


She is pretty much the opposite of how I was as a child, which was irrationally terrified of messy things. There are legendary stories in my family of my freakouts as a small child over things like accidentally sliding into a puddle of mud once on a vacation in Hershey, PA. Most kids take this kind of thing in stride, but I had to be carried, screaming, up a service elevator to our room (I was 17 at the time). Or the memorable instance when an ice cream cone was dripping on me (the HORROR!) in the backseat of our minivan, and I would not stop being a drama queen about it, so my mom stopped the car, whipped around, grabbed the ice cream, and chucked it out the window (I don’t think I ever truly appreciated this moment until I had to listen to my toddler whine for an hour straight about wanting another yogurt pouch). So yeah, Ryland does not take after me when it comes to this stuff. Thank God.



4. Lauren Graham’s memoir, Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between)  has single-handedly kept me awake/sane during these frequent nighttime feedings the last few days. I always loved her TV personas, Lorelai and Sarah Braverman, but happily, I kind of equally love her. She’s funny and smart and insightful and just awesome.


5. So this happened, and um, yeah, after my weddings and the births of my children, this may rank next. And yes, yes, I realize that Joanna Gaines, in all likelihood, did not sit down on her phone at the farm, Chip beside her on the porch, and scroll through my Instagram (in my imaginary la la land she secretly follows me) and just happen to see a photo of her cookbook and press “like” (after of course showing it to Chip and the kids). I know in reality, her like 7th assistant was assigned to like every person who mentioned her or her cookbook on Instagram. But still, I’m going to hold on to this one, and no amount of reality can take it away 🙂


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