Friday Five

Happy Friday everyone! Overall it’s been a good if an at times trying week (see Great Target Poop Explosion of 2016). The Bottle Strike of 2016 also continues unfortunately, so my last 12 hour shift (which equals about 15 hours away from home) was not fun for anyone involved. However the baby did take about 20mLs from a bottle so that’s progress! Right? Kind of? The best scenario is she figures it out and starts taking a bottle soon. The worst scenario is I quit my job, never leave my house again, and breastfeed until she’s 18. 

Let’s just say I’m hoping for Option 1. 

 More updates on our bottle struggle soon (hopefully the good kind) but for now here’s what five things are on my mind this week


1. Hanover tomatoes. Meant to take a picture of the entire tomato, but they are just too darn good that I ate it first. I look forward to these alllll year long. No other tomatoes even come close. They are so juicy and flavorful and perfect. They make any sandwich better but are just as good plain with a pinch of salt and pepper. My favorite meal around this time of year is a couple of these babies chopped up with some basil and feta, tossed in a little Greek olive oil and balsamic. And they grow literally down the street from me. Definitely one of the highlights of summer.

 2. We decided baby was old enough for a jumparoo and ordered one from Amazon (the Fisher Price Rainforest one, it had about 5000 reviews on Amazon and 5 stars, plus was the #1 best seller in activity gear, so figured it had something going for it). The first couple of attempts (pictured above) were not great. She was clearly freaked out with pretty much the entire experience and not such a fan. However today I have put her in it twice and she actually smiled and played with the toys (granted at this point “playing” is batting her hands at something and/or staring at it, but still!). She stayed in it happily for 30 minutes while I vacuumed, so I am already pretty sure this one will be a worthwhile purchase. It is enormous and tacky as all heck, but style and baby toys just don’t mix. I know places like Land of Nod and Pottery Barn make more “stylish” baby things, but really when you get right down to it, kids are probably going to prefer the colorful, singing, light up plastic Fisher Price model to the muted, bare bones, ecologically pure and thus no batteries or lights or music involved Land of Nod play thingy. Also the Pottery Barn/Land of Nod play gear costs as much as a small car. So for now I am okay with filling my house with ugly plastic toys. And I will also look forward to one day tossing them all in a dumpster (or selling them). But I digress. I’m just happy Ryley seems to be getting the hang of the whole jumparaoo thing because it will probably buy me lots of hands free time in the next few of months to get stuff done. You can see her much less terrified reaction to today’s jumparoo session below. And yes she is balding. Her hairline looks day and day more like that of a middle aged man. My husband recently suggested we “shave her head” so that at least it would be even….needless to say that suggestion was vetoed. Until things even out we will have to just rely on the old combover look. She will make a perfect Donald Trump for Halloween.



3. Pumping at work is, interesting. My pumping experiences so far have been pretty hit or miss. My first day back was super slow so I was able to pump in an empty patient room which was very relaxing and great. Since then I have pumped in our family room (with a sign on the door to keep people out) and in the hospital’s dedicated “Lactation Room” on a different floor. The lactation room is really just a large closet with a curtain dividing the space in two sections. When I’ve gone there, there has always been a second person in there with me. Which feels…odd. If you’ve never pumped before, I’m not sure if I can stress how awkward the whole thing is. It’s not like breastfeeding. Breastfeeding I can get why some women can do it in public. It really is beautiful in some ways and the baby covers most of your boob anyway. But when you pump, both of your boobs are out there flapping in the breeze (covered with plastic but still). There is a lot of noise. It’s just weird. You really do feel like a cow. And I feel like for me, I am “pumping shy” in the same way some people must be bladder shy. I just have a hard time relaxing if someone is literally feet away from me. So I have not been able to produce very much when I pump at work. Especially because yesterday was such an insane day that I had to multitask and simultaneously attempt to chart, eat, and answer phone calls from doctors while pumping, because that was the only hope I had of getting out even close to on time. I will say I very much look forward to when pumping is no longer a part of my workday routine. 

​4. We are getting plantation shutters installed next week (!!!). This has been a long time coming since we knew we would do it when we moved in more than 6 months ago. And the order was placed about 8 weeks ago. The houses in our neighborhood are close together and we have a lot of windows. Plus we have yard guys come once a week (one of the perks of an HOA!). Privacy would be nice. As I type this I am feeding Ryley with about three men right outside my window mowing the grass and such. I have kind of gotten so used to it that it doesn’t really faze me anymore, but it will be really nice to not have to show off my boobs for all the world to see when I feed my baby. Plus I’ve always wanted a house with plantation shutters, because I think they’re really pretty (we’re just getting a few rooms on our first floor, not the entire house because that would cost a fortunate). I will definitely post pictures once they’re in.

5. So You Think You Can Dance Next Generation. I have been obsessed with SYTYCD for the last couple of seasons (I actually went to see the top 10 live on tour 2 years ago, I am THAT COOL). When I heard they were doing a kids version this year, I was extremely skeptical. I thought it would be really cheesy, not as good, and also kind of cruel to the kid contestants. However I have been pleasantly surprised to really love this season. The kids are AMAZING. Like so good they make me feel bad about myself, because at like 9 years old they have more talent than I ever will. And the show overall has been done in a way to be as kind as possible to the kids. Plus they all want to be professional dancers, so in real life they would be getting rejection and criticism at this point anyway. But they’re all so freaking good that there’s not even that much criticism. I also really love watching the All Stars they are paired with, because they all seem so supportive of and excited for the kids. My favorites are Tate, Kida, Jordan, and of course JT who is just like the human version of a smiley face emoji. He is joy personified. And he is tiny. And wears bow ties. And oh yeah is a really incredible dancer. Just watch his performance with his mentor Robert above!

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