Friday morning by the numbers


I’ve got a full lap these days 🙂

5: The number of poopy diapers changed

1.25: Number of movies watched, Frozen in full and the first 20 minutes of Moana

33: Grocery items ordered on Instacart at Whole Foods and Wegmans

2: Snowglobes that almost bit it, because I underestimated my toddler’s height and desire for destruction

6: The time Ryland woke up, an hour earlier than normal????

25: Minutes spent watching Peppa Pig at 6am because mama has got to have her coffee

1: Kodiak cake pancake made for lunch for my daughter with blueberries “hidden” inside

1: Kodiak cake pancake fed immediately to George because…toddler.

0/2: Children wearing clothes other than what they slept in

1/2: Children wearing pants

3: Nursing sessions

2/3: Nursing sessions not interrupted because I had to stop Ryland from destroying property or injuring herself

36: Approximate number of baby Bobby toots (he is one gassy baby)

10: The episode of season 1 of The Crown that I’ve reached and can enjoy in peace while Ryland naps

5: Different types of Christmas treats packed up for gifting, because when you are basically home bound you have some time on your hands, and while I couldn’t do any full fledged cookies this year I was able to make treats as long as they could be done in no more than 15 minute intervals

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