Friday (or Sunday) Five

So this one is a little belated (may be a trend in the future), but wanted to still share what five things are on my mind this week:

1. Kroger Click List

I have been waiting for this day for so, so long. Ever since I heard Kroger would be starting an online ordering service I have been eagerly checking to see when it would arrive at my nearest store. And a couple of weeks ago it did. And it. is. EVERYTHING. I’d like to think I wouldn’t use this if I didn’t have a baby (but really who am I kidding?), but with a baby it makes grocery shopping about 1000x easier. Basically you order your groceries online a day in advance and select a one hour window to reserve. You drive up to the store to the special Click List parking lot (it feels very VIP), park in one of the special spots, call a number, and then wait until one Kroger employee comes out to take your payment and another loads your groceries. AND YOU DON’T EVEN GET OUT OF THE CAR. In fact they specifically tell you not to. Before baby I actually didn’t mind grocery shopping. I liked to dilly dally amongst the aisles and take my sweet time picking out food. But with a baby that drastically changed. Grocery trips felt like an episode of Supermarket Sweeps with me madly dashing through the store, tossing random things into my cart with abandon and then coming home with absolutely nothing I really needed and a whole lot of spur of the moment, panicked because the baby is about to be fussy choices (like getting everything for sandwiches except for BREAD). But Kroger Click List means I can calmly and rationally pick out what I need and then pick it up without ever having to get the baby out of the carseat. Literally the only downside is that for whatever reason (probably some weird state alcohol law) you can’t get wine through this service. However I will just start stockpiling giant bottles of Pinot Grigio from Costco so problem solved 🙂

2. The Great British Bake Off

This show is the television equivalent of Xanax (or what I imagine taking a Xanax feels like). It is AMAZING. There is one season on Netflix and new episodes on PBS, and apparently it is wildly popular in Britain. The gist is that it is a televised baking competition, but unlike Top Chef, none of the contestants are professional bakers. They are working people (construction contractors, former military) who just really love to bake, and they compete not for money or a TV deal but for PRIDE. I love me some American reality television, but this could not be farther from an American reality show, because everyone is so insanely normal and sweet. There are no dramatic backstories. No one is a recovering coke addict or former homeless person. People don’t shout at each other or throw flour in one another’s faces. When a person loses they don’t sob hysterically and whine, but rather crack a joke at their own expense. It’s just a bunch of good natured, self deprecating British people being very British while baking delicious looking concoctions on idyllic country estates. The judges are funny and honest but never cruel. There’s an older lady (I guess pretty famous in England) named Mary Berry who is constantly talking about the correctness of the contestant”s  “bake” and uses the phrase “quite scrumptious” a lot. I guarantee if you watch one episode you will feel calmer and better about the world.

3. Tangerine IPA at the Stone tasting room


What can I say? My baby loves breweries.

 We took the bebe to Stone the other day (I plan to dedicate an entire post at some point to the wonderful combination of breweries and babies). I am not a huge IPA person (usually prefer a nice wheat beer of some kind), but I am in love with Stone’s new tangerine IPA. It is refreshing, crisp, and not too piney like so many IPAs. Perfect for summer. I also really love the Stone tasting room. The indoor part is cool and industrial and there is a nice outdoor area with picnic tables and umbrellas. Richmond has become such a hive of breweries and I couldn’t be happier about this fact.
4. Preparing Ryland for her first trip to the beach.

The list that an over-preparing lunatic makes when she becomes a mom.

Tomorrow we leave for the Jersey shore to stay with my in-laws, and preparing for a vacation with an infant is very different than pre-baby days (granted I have always been a little type A about vacation prep and there were usually always lists of some kind involved). Our baby is still in the phase where she really doesn’t even need that much stuff (she doesn’t do toys yet and her only food requirements are attached to my person), and yet my list for her is ridiculously long. Even though I know our time on the beach with her will be pretty brief and it’s not like she will be body surfing or anything, I still ordered her swim diapers and a rash guard off Amazon (how could I resist when there is almost nothing cuter than a baby in a rash guard?), as well as a mat, and the amazingly dorky sun hat pictured above. We will be lugging her pac n’play, stroller, bouncy seat, and play mat, even though we are only going for 3 days, because I am clearly a crazy person.

 5. Solo errands with the baby

I’ve talked on here about how stressful it can be to go anywhere with a small baby in tow. Well the other day I was feeling pretty cocky because I was in Target and this was our FOURTH stop of the day (granted I did have to nurse her in the car between stops 2 and 3). I usually bring her in places in the sling, because she is much less likely to have a psycho baby freak out in the sling. But she was sleeping soundly in the carseat when I got to Target so I transferred her carseat to the stroller without waking her up (which already felt like so much of a victory I wanted to high five everyone I saw).I was so over confident and pleased that she was sleeping that I took my sweet time in Target, like I was back in my non-baby days. I wandered through the clothing section. I perused the baby items like I had all the time in the world even though I hadn’t even picked up the items I came to Target for (boring stuff like Swiffer wet jet refills and moisturizer). I was foolishly confident baby would continue to sleep peacefully no matter how leisurely I moved. And then I looked down at the stroller and almost gasped when I saw Ryley staring back at me with wide open eyes. It felt like a horror movie. My instinct was to scream and run out of the store (after naps baby likes to eat and baby generally does not want to be kept waiting in her carseat to eat). However I kept my cool, actually paid for my items, and got to the car without any screaming. Of course I didn’t remember to pick up the darn Swiffer solution though.

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