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Friday Reset


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Happy Friday everyone! So first off, apologies. I have been totally MIA for a couple of weeks on here. And I really am sorry. Life simply got in the way as it has a way of doing. The hubby worked several night shifts in a row, which meant I was out of the house for several days in a row (so he could sleep, babies in the house aren’t super conducive to daytime sleep). Then my lovely in-laws came for several nights to visit, so blogging while they were here was also tricky. And then I worked a couple of shifts. Yada yada yada. Excuses, excuses. I know. But I’m back!
And so now some rambling updates to get us all up to speed: 

Things have been going well in baby sleep-land around here. Nighttime is still pretty awesome. The baby has sort of fallen into a sleep through the night every other night rhythm the last week or so (from 6:30/7pm-ish until 6-7am-ish). The other nights she wakes up once (usually around 2-4ish). I always try to give her a few minutes to see if she falls back asleep but if she starts ramping up her cries I will go in and give her a little bottle, change her diaper, and put her back down. And then she almost always falls asleep within a few minutes. I know she is old enough to not need a feed in the middle of the night, but I do think there’s a big difference between not absolutely NEEDING a feed for nutrition purposes versus her being happier and us sleeping better in general if she does get that middle of the night feed from time to time (plus up until very recently she ate all darn night long, so I think you would get a little hangry in the middle of the night if you suddenly went from sleeping with your head in the refrigerator to fasting for 12 hours straight). We’ll work on getting rid of that feed when and if she is still waking up for it in a month or two. For now I don’t mind the cuddles 😉

It is funny though, because as soon as our nights got more predictable with sleep, our days got a lot more unpredictable. The baby went from almost always consistently taking a 1-2 hour nap first thing in the morning to now sometimes waking up after 30-45 min. I think a lot of it has to do with her being better rested in the mornings and me being used to having to put her down an hour after she wakes up versus now being able to keep her up a couple of hours. We’re working on it. And I would feel like a jerk complaining about short naps when we are getting awesome night sleep, so I won’t.

I will say that overall I am still adjusting to not co-sleeping. When my husband worked those night shifts in particular I missed it very, very much. It was everything in me not to bring the baby into bed with me, but I knew that was more for mama than her. I’m adjusting and starting to sleep better without her, but gosh I do still miss it and her (which I know is super obnoxious because I basically spent the last few months complaining about her not sleeping through the night in the crib, and now that she does I say I miss the old days! I know, I know! Grass is always greener right?). But now that I can compare sleeping all night with her (and us both waking up several times at night but always falling back to sleep in a matter of minutes) and sleeping all night without her (and still waking up several times, either because she cries out or because I wake up convinced I hear her cry out, and then taking 30-60 minutes to fall back asleep because I’m paranoid she’s not breathing or will start to cry the second I start to fall asleep), I will say I was more rested with the co-sleeping. We also almost always slept till 8ish, and now that the baby sleeps in her crib and goes to bed earlier, she likes to get up at 6 (when it’s still dark out! I never realized how much I will appreciate earlier sunrises until I consistently get up at 6 with a baby). 

Basically that rambling tangent is to say that even though I know her sleeping in the crib is the best thing for her and our family right now and moving forward, I realize even more how great those 6 months of co-sleeping were for all of us in the beginning. I am so grateful for that time with her and all of those cuddly, sweet nights. And I’m grateful for the fact that I spent the first 6 months of my baby’s life RESTED and sleeping well every night, which I know is pretty much the opposite of how most people spend those first 6 months. I think emotionally now I can handle a little sleep deprivation where as in the beginning it really would have crushed me to be sleep deprived and adjusting to life with a baby. Long story short. I’m a big fan of (safe) co-sleeping and recommend it to anyone (who isn’t obese, an alcoholic, heavy sleeper, on prescription sleeping pills, etc).

Other non sleep related updates. Baby is rolling like crazy. I didn’t know just how much a baby can propel themselves around a room before they can crawl. But she has really perfected rolling as a form of locomotion. 

She has also gotten super into the solids lately. Favorite foods include pears, apples, bananas, rice cereal, sweet potatoes and most excitedly after several attempts peas! It is still a massive mess whenever we feed her because she evades my attempts to block her and always manages to grab a spoon full of baby food and fling it on herself, her parents, and every surface in a 5 foot radius. 

Baths have also become “messier” in the kitchen sink, because she’s figured out how to splash with her feet. The time may be near to move her to an actual bathtub just so our wood floors in the kitchen don’t get ruined by the deluge of water that ends up on them with every bath, but my back and I will really miss the ease of washing her in the sink. 

Baby had her 6 month check up and passed with flying colors (other than some eczema and possible allergy to cow’s milk, but we kind of already knew about that). She got her vaccines like a champ including a flu vaccine, which as an RN I recommend EVERYONE (who doesn’t have medical contra-indications) get this and every year. And if you think the flu shot gave you the flu once, please get educated about how that is not possible. 

Oh and to continue the theme of overall health and general rambling of this post, I read that sad story about how possibly 10 child deaths have been linked to homeopathic teething tablets that contain belladonna. Belladonna is a poisonous plant.  Poisonous meaning it can kill you. I don’t care what any homeopathic person says, poison is poison. Please, please think about what you give your child. Just because something is labeled “natural” or “holistic” does not mean it is SAFE. I don’t think kids should get a ton of medications, but at least medications are regulated by the FDA. This homeopathic crap is not. Please, please, please be careful.

And on that note too, I was in PB Kids the other day and saw all of the adorable bumpers and briefly considered getting one because Ryland has started to stick her legs and arms through the crib slats and sometimes gets kind of “stuck” (not really but she just takes a moment to figure out how to pull her arm or leg back out). She also rolls so much that she sometimes bonks her little head. And I don’t like that so now that she’s older I thought bumpers might be a good idea. I know bumpers are absolutely NOT safe for little infants, but thought since she’s 6 months they might be okay. But before I bought anything I did my research into bumper safety for older babies, and guess what? They are definitely not safe, even for older babies. And bumpers aren’t one of those gray, maybe they are harmful and cause SIDS things. Bumpers are something that we know has CAUSED babies to suffocate on numerous occasions. Not be all crazy doom and gloom, but just wanted to pass this along because we all forget what we were told and it’s always good to research before you buy bumpers or homeopathic teething remedies or whatever else is out there. And don’t even get me started about how angry it makes me that places like PB Kids sell their $100 bumpers without even a warning (except for maybe a tiny one on the packaging) about how unsafe they are. They LOOK really, really cute. They’re not safe, particularly when a baby can roll and is really active and are able to wedge themselves in places like between the crib and a bumper. 

Whew. Well that was one, long tangent of a blog post. I find when I’ve been gone for a while, it can help to do a post like this to jump start the old mind grapes. I hope if you’ve made it to the end of this, that you’re still with me! Promise not to be MIA again and hope everyone has a great Friday!

And because I can’t resist, two more shameless baby photos. We are really into baby knee socks these days.

10/14/2016 09:52:13 am

omg she is SOOOO CUTE!!!! also- high-five on promoting safe sleep practices and safety and health in general!
haha i agree, even tho baby is sleeping all night, doesn’t mean that us parents are! i wake up every time i hear him on the monitor, and our baby is a sleep talker/singer sighhhh

btw- you mentioned that you change her diaper in the middle of the night when she wakes- early on, i read that you could skip diaper changes overnight if the baby doesn’t poop or leak- i slather on SO MUCH desitin paste at bedtime to avoid rash, and use an overnight (huggies) diaper and baby is good the whole night! He usually has leaked by the time he wakes in the morning, but i figure that’s expected after 12 hours! so check it out if it works for you. have a great weekend!


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