Friday Things


Happy Friday friends!
I don’t know about where y’all are, but if you’re anywhere around Richmond, the last three days have been absolutely GORGEOUS. Full on springtime. I have kept almost every window in our house open, and have tried to soak in as much outdoor time as possible.

We’ve had a lot of front porch time.

A lot of backyard time.
And some back porch time too 🙂
The nice weather has made this week go by SO much faster than pretty much every other week this winter. Even though R is on a long work stretch right now, my days as a solo parent haven’t felt so endless and exhausting. It makes me more than ready for spring and summer to finally arrive.

Other random moments from this week:

Ryland did some Valentine’s “crafts” in “school” on Monday, which thank goodness, because mama certainly did not do any Valentine’s activities with her on actual Valentine’s Day (I’m no Susan after all 🙂 )

R also very sweetly got me some beautiful flowers and fancy, yummy chocolates for V-Day.
I also got a MUCH needed hair cut and highlight on Tuesday morning. I hadn’t since well before Bobby was born so we were having some root issues. As I’ve mentioned before my hair is starting to fall out again (did this exact same thing after Ryland), and that combined with the weird halfway grown out hairs from the first round of hair loss (basically they look like I gave myself  bangs), means that my hair is just a hot mess, and will be for the near future. But my hair dresser managed to make it look somewhat less insane and at least brightened it up.


See what I mean about accidental bangs?
This week has been overall pretty lovely, with the only blip being our evenings. 5-7 is always  hard when I’m doing it by myself, but since Bobby is insanely mellow most of the time, the typical issue is Ryland’s mood during this time frame. However this week they’ve pulled a little Freaky Friday body switch. Ryland has been sweet and cooperative right up until bedtime, but Bobby has pulled some major meltdowns in the evening hours. Last night I actually had to bust out the SLING while I was making dinner. This was literally I think only the second time so far in the 3 months he’s been alive that I’ve used it (I loved the sling with Ryland, but Bobby is such a chill dude he hasn’t needed it and is usually content in his rock n play or chair when I need to put him down to have free hands).
I think he’s definitely going through a growth spurt/Wonder Week/regression/typical baby shenangian moment. With Ryland I obsessively tracked these and felt like our entire world ended when she was going through one. With Bobby, I just shrug and go with it, because the toddler keeps me too occupied to dwell too much on anything else. And to be fair, for him so far, any of these little phases usually just means extra fussiness in the evenings.

This has meant that my dinner the last two nights has been this:

Both nights I’ve actually cooked wonderful meals earlier in the day (chicken chili on Wednesday and crockpot Skinnytaste lasagna soup last night). When R is at work, I usually eat whatever I’ve made in advance after I put Ryland to bed around 7pm. But the last 2 nights Bobby has been shrieking his head off the moment I put her down (and while I’m putting her down too), and the only way to calm him down is to nurse or stand and rock him (neither of these activities goes well with eating steaming hot bowls of soup). I could wait until he finally settles down for the night, but I’m way too hungry. So popcorn and Cliff bars for the win!

However I really can’t complain too much, because if Bobby were as cranky/needy as Ryland was at his age, I would probably have lost my mind by now and ran off to Bora Bora.

And even with the fussy phase it has been such a lovely warm week. You forget how necessary it is for your mental wellbeing to be outside every day, how much sun and fresh air fills your soul up with goodness. I hope all of you have been able to have a little outdoor time (especially since this weekend’s weather looks gross).



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