Hello again.

So, hi.

Um, it’s been a little while.

Which is why this is a little awkward. I get it. I kind of ghosted my own blog (ghosted? that’s what the kids say right?). But as I mentioned on my last post, it was for a really good reason.

I’ve been writing up a storm. Freelance stuff. Essays. Creative stuff. Some for pay. Some not. It’s been good.

And with two babies 2 and under, I really have to pick and choose what I write, because I have approximately 17 free minutes per day (if I’m lucky).

But, here’s the thing. I miss blogging. A lot. I miss this space to speak openly and honestly about life. To vent about the times my 2 year old morphs into a demonic hell beast. To gush over the times she’s smart and sweet and caring, like when she spent forever carefully feeding straw to baby goats at the pumpkin patch last weekend.


To share pictures of my sweet Bobby who is the best baby in the world except for when he tries to climb literally ALL OF THE THINGS and face plants into hard surfaces and ends up looking like this:


I’ve been writing about so much, but I miss writing about the little, inconsequential parts of life, the moments I’m going to want and need to remember years from now. I miss connecting with other parents to laugh into our giant vats of coffee and cry into our giant vats of wine)

So my plan is to blog as much as possible, which may mean sometimes I go weeks without a post, or sometimes I post daily for a stretch.

I think part of why I got burned out from blogging last summer is because I was trying to force it to be something that it will never be, not for me. The “mommy blog” world has shifted so dramatically toward the whole influencer thing, less about the writing and the content and so much more about the surface images and shopability. It’s aspirational now, almost universally, to the point where parenting bloggers don’t even need to have a blog, just a picturesque Instagram account and several thousand followers.

And I was trying so hard to force that, because I had just left my nursing job, and was desperate to create some income.

But, I’m not an influencer. I’m not fancy or stylish. My kids are not always photogenic (usually they’re a mess, see above for proof). I don’t have my shit together, like ever. I’m not a style maven or a design pro.

I’m a mom and I’m a writer, and those two things are what this space will always, always, always be about. I’m done trying to shill subscription boxes or earn 30 cents from Amazon affiliate links.

Don’t get me wrong. I follow plenty of “influencers.” I buy half my clothes based off mom fashion bloggers. I LOVE those pretty, sparkly, aspirational sites. They’re great for escape and Lord knows any mom out there needs escape.

But I think, or at least hope, there’s also still a place out there for honesty, for real, messy life. For the parts that are hard and the parts that are gross, and also the parts that are beautiful. All of it, the highs and the lows, weaved together.

So that’s the plan. Go back to why I started a blog many moons ago. To write. To share. To remember.

I hope y’all are still out there 🙂 Talk more soon.

P.S. Since it has been a minute or two, thought I’d shamelessly photo bomb some kid pics. Just to get us all caught up.



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