Here’s what:

What I’m reading:

Paul Kalanithi’s “When Breath Becomes Air”

When I bought “The Brightest Hour”, this book was often mentioned in reviews for its similarity (a memoir written by someone dying of cancer). And yes I know that sounds horribly depressing. But like The Brightest Hour, this book is so, SO good and so much more than depressing. Paul Kalanithi was about to finish his neurosurgery residency when he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, and this book is about that, but it’s also about so much else, what it means to live and die and how we choose to do both of those things. He’s both a writer and doctor (he got post graduate degrees in literature from Stanford and Cambridge before going to Yale Med School), and I guess I relate (in the bargain basement, low rent sense, him=fancy Ivy League degrees, me= two Bachelors, one in writing and one in nursing, and certainly not from Ivy League schools, they often joked College of Charleston was the College of Knowledge due to the fact that so many of the students, at least when I was there, are more interested in drinking on the beach than going to class). But I also think there’s a weird intersection between medicine and literature, between a fictional world of stories and the all too real workings and failings of a human body. He’s a wonderful writer and this is such a powerful book.

What I’m cooking:

I’ve loved the Skinny Taste blog for years, but just got the Skinny Taste Fast and Slow Cookbook. For some reason lately I’ve been very into physical cookbooks. It’s so chaotic already cooking with little kids that it’s nice to have an open book to refer to versus trying to bring it up on my laptop or phone and having to unlock screens with hands covered in butter or flour or what not.

I’m all about a slow cooker recipe and there are some really great ones in this. Last night I made this:

So easy and SO good! And it made the house smell like delicious, salty, spicy, Asian pork. 

What I’m eating:


So this is a game changer. The last issue of Cooking Light had a snack suggestion of mixing a little bit of peanut butter with nonfat plain greek yogurt to use as a dip for apples. And oh my God you guys. It’s like whipped, creamy peanut butter. But good for you! A small amount of PB goes a long way, so you get a nice bowl of dip without the guilt of eating an entire bowl of peanut butter (which I have totally done many times). I’m trying to be healthier and not eat so many sweets and processed foods and this is a very satisfying snack.

What I’m wearing:

-BLANQI leggings:

I got these when I was pregnant, because I had seen them advertised a lot. And they were great for pregnancy but even better for nursing. It’s nice to not have to completely expose your stomach every time you nurse, and these are also SUPER comfy. I also struggle to find leggings that are that perfect mix of thick but also stretchy/soft. You don’t want them to be sheer and expose your granny panties to everyone you see, but you also don’t want them to be so thick they are more like sweatpants. They are pricey but go on sale from time to time, and definitely worth the price point for the extra support and coverage.

These sweatpants. I got two pairs of these to wear at the hospital, and I’ve been nearly living in them ever since. I do laundry when I don’t really need to just to get a clean pair of these to wear. They are soft, comfy, cozy, a good weight (which is hard to come by since I veer from freezing at night to drenched in sweat from breastfeeding menopause like hot flashes). 

​-These t-shirts. Yes, they are maternity. No I don’t care. I will wear them forever. They are great for going out to the gym or on a walk, great for sleeping in, and great for wearing all day long with the above leggings or sweat pants. Being a mother in winter really makes you perfect the art of at home athleisure wear.

-What I’m watching:

-The Crown on Netflix. I watch this show about the life of Queen Elizabeth when I want something highly bingeable but not totally embarrassing like most of my viewing habits. Even though it’s at its heart a soap, it just feels more distinguished and high brow. And the costumes and period details are gorgeous.

-Black-ish on Hulu. Really late to the party on this one, but this show is SO funny. I put this on when I want something light and silly on in the background when I’m cleaning or cooking.

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