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Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone is having a great start to their week and not too sleepy from all that turkey tryptophan. 

So today I’m taking a break from my normal me-centered rambling to put in a little request. Every year around Christmas I always try to step back and do something positive for the community. Emphasis on the word try and some years I’m more successful than others. 

This year I’ve really been thinking a lot about what the hospital is really like for my patients and their families. I have a completely new perspective on things since becoming a mom. I don’t think I ever realized how hard it is for kids in the hospital, particularly babies who already can be the literal worst at sleeping (babies have many good qualities, sleep is not one of them). It’s amazing the lengths parents go to at home to get their babies to sleep, everything short of a choreographed song and dance routine. And so when they end up in the hospital, understandably the babies don’t sleep that well. And sick babies need their sleep.

I worked a couple of night shifts last week, and took care of some little people, and just kept thinking how nice it would be to at least have some white machines, because hospitals at night are LOUD. There’s beeping and mechanical noises from pumps and nurses talking and overhead alarms. There’s a lot of sound. And white noise can go a long way to blocking some of that out.

So I touched base with our lovely Child Life and inquired if they could use some sound machines, and they said, why yes, they could. These little machines cost about $20 and I would love to be able to donate some to the hospital this year. So I decided to do one of those fancy online fundraising thingies and try to donate enough money to buy 20 of the sound machines. Here’s the link:

I know we’re all asked a lot this time of year. There’s a lot to do and buy. We have lists upon lists. But I think it’s important to give some time and energy to helping, and trust me, these sound machines will help babies and their families in the hospital. So if you are so inclined and want to donate a little toward the goal, that would be absolutely lovely. And if not totally understand too. Just wanted to put it out into the universe of online mamas who read this blog, because I know we all know how essential our little sleep tools are, and how lost we would be without them!

I work for a really great place, and this would just help to make it a little bit greater 🙂

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