Last Week’s Recap

Happy Sunday everyone! I would say Happy Daylight Savings as well, but since having a baby I went from someone who LOVED fall daylight savings for the extra hour of sleep to someone who LOATHES fall daylight savings because it throws an enormous monkey wrench into the carefully calibrated, fine tuned, hard earned machine that is a seven month old baby’s day and night habits. But I digress. Even though I’ve been up since 5:30, I’ve had two very large and strong cups of coffee so I’m good to go. 

This past week was a full and awesome one. So to recap:

Last Sunday I went to my aunt and uncle’s house (also the site of our wedding 🙂 ) to celebrate my grandmother’s NINETY THIRD birthday (my grandmother is an incredible woman for many reasons, no the least of which is that at 93 she is still sharp as a whistle and able to keep track of her 6 children, 13 grandchildren, and NINE great grandchildren). All nine of those great grand babies were actually in one place at once so we seized the opportunity for a picture.

Note that Ryland is showing off her midriff and under garments (I hope that is not a sign of things to come in her teenage years). And since I showed you the “good” take, of course with nine little kiddos there was the inevitable collapse.
It was a lovely 80 degree day at the end of October so we hung outside most of the time. Ryland got time to “play” with her twin second cousin (they were born 8 days apart).
And of course since it was a birthday celebration there was cake! And candle blowing (luckily my grandma had some help in that department).
Monday was Halloween and so the family festivities continued. We could have stayed home in our neighborhood but we almost literally live in a retirement community (I love our house and our sweet neighbors, but is is kind of an AARP convention around here, I guess that’s what happens when you move somewhere that advertises a low maintenance lifestyle with first floor masters). Since there are no children within a 5 miles radius we figured trick or treating wouldn’t really be a thing, so we headed into the city to my sister and brother in law’s house. Ryland got to don the elephant costume one more time (and it is almost already too small!)


Already trying to go for the pumpkin beer!

We hung out on the porch, drank beer, and handed out candy to the mass of trick or treaters (with a little help from a witch, a chicken, and Curious George 🙂 )

The (slightly blurry) group shot


Ryland was mostly freaked out by the trick or treaters.

And then because the week wasn’t already fun enough, we headed to Charleston on Tuesday! I went to college in Charleston, and it is pretty much my favorite city on the planet. Even almost (TEN) years after I left there, every time I visit I feel like I’m back home. As soon as I get out of the car and smell the salty/marshy air I feel an instant rush of calm and contentment. And I was thrilled to bring Ryland there.

We decided to rent a little cottage in the Old Village area of Mt. Pleasant.


Our cute little house!


LOVE that it’s pink, but love the porch even more (even if the mosquitos were a little insane)


View from the back porch, from our house you could see Shem Creek and the bridge. I was in heaven.

I love the Old Village. It’s basically like the Battery (huge old historic houses, tons of Southern historic charm, views of the water down every street), but unlike the battery which can feel like a museum (the hordes of tourists and carriage tours don’t help), the Old Village is a bonafide neighborhood with actual humans walking around who live there, and there is an adorable “downtown” block with a couple of restaurants and stores, and Shem Creek is down the street which is lined with casual restaurants mixed in with shrimp boats and seafood places). Oh and there are massive live oaks draped with spanish moss, EVERYWHERE, and nothing makes my heart happy like the sight of a huge live oak. We went for a couple of walks around the neighborhood and I went for a run one morning, and it was just a little slice of heaven.

Right on the water down the street from our cottage. This is my fantasy dream house if we ever win the lottery.


Marsh and water view for miles and miles.


Snapped a pic of these gorgeous morning glory’s on my run.


I mean can you even?

After our seven hour drive on Tuesday we headed to Shem Creek for cold beer and seafood and had a very low key and quiet evening.

Shem Creek, site of many a college night out.


Happy to be out of the car on our first night there.

My plan was to recap all the way through Charleston in this post, but I realize I’ve already posted about 50 pictures here so should probably put a to be continued pin in it. Will finish talking about Charleston and what I’ve learned about traveling with a baby in my next post. Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday!

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