Let the Sunshine In

You guys. This weather.

I mean it could not be more insanely gorgeous out, not just for February, but for any time of the year. It’s the kind of weather that soaks into your skin and makes all of your cells and molecules shimmy in joy. It’s happy weather, dancing weather, eating popsicles outside in a diaper kind of weather. Oh how we needed this kind of February.

R had his first day off today since a week and a half ago and the timing was perfect. We headed to Short Pump this morning and Ryland lost her mind. She literally started sprinting the moment we got there and pretty much didn’t stop for almost 2 hours.

She also tried to run up all of the escalators, board the train while it was still in motion, and dive head first into every single fountain. She had the time of her life. I struggled to remain calm as I chased her in and out of stores, double stroller flying, or hold onto her shirt to keep her from swan diving.

She was soaking wet when we left, totally normal for a trip to the mall right?

After nap it was right back outside, and to celebrate the burst of summer we had naked popsicles (well only Ryland and George were naked, I promise).

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