Life lately.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Apologies that it’s been a few days, but between this little burst of winter in April (really!? snow?!?), R working, and just a low key few days, life has just not been super exciting. I did think I’d hop on real quick to share a few highlights though.

5njYUMVKTeapJ6cOnzYoCw.jpgWe went to Lewis Ginter to see the Butterflies Live exhibit, and even though outside it was pretty chilly, it was nice and warm and cozy inside the conservatory. Thankfully, we made it through without Ryland stepping on or touching a single beautiful butterfly. And they were just the prettiest.




After the butterflies, we had lots of fun playing at the Children’s Garden, even though it was freezing. Ryland practically dove head first into the sand pit, and the only struggle was getting her to leave.

R and I did manage to get away for a mini Happy Hour date on Friday at The Daily, which was MUCH needed, super yummy, and a lot of fun, even though I was way too neurotic and anxious about hiring a new babysitter (who was fabulous, but we usually only leave the kids with my parents so it still stresses me out whenever we leave them with someone who isn’t family, which I know is stupid and I’m sure I will get over). But a glass of wine and some yummy apps soon put my mind at ease šŸ˜‰


We’ve spent a lot of the cold weather time indoors in bed snuggling and watching movies, which is always fine by me.


We also got a cousin visit!


And that’s about the sum of our pretty low key last few days. PromiseĀ to hopefully be back soon with lengthier posts, but just wanted to pop in for a quick hello. I hope you all had beautifulĀ (if a little colder than is right or fair for April) weekends!

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