Maevn Scrub Review + Giveaway

Full disclosure: In exchange for an honest review of their product, I received a complimentary pair of scrubs from Maevn Uniforms. All opinions however are mine!

Super awkward closet selfie!

As I mentioned here earlier, I was offered a chance to review a new line of scrubs from Maevn Uniforms, their Eon collection. I jumped at the chance, because as a pediatric RN, I wear a lot of scrubs and I am always looking for new brands.

For me when it comes to scrubs, comfort is EVERYTHING. I am routinely crouching down on the floor, bending over beds, moving patients around, carrying kids, sliding beds around the unit, etc. Function is essential. I also wear scrubs for 14 hours straight on my long shifts, and occasionally overnight. The last thing you want in that situation is to be in clothes that are stiff or hot. Being a pediatric RN can be total chaos. There are days when I don’t sit down or eat lunch or even go to the bathroom. The last thing I want to have to think about is what I’m wearing. I just want it to be comfy and make my life a little easier.

I had never worn a pair of Maevn scrubs before this, but the second I took them out of the box I knew they were keepers and that I could review them totally honestly. I got the V-Neck Pocket Top and the Full Elastic Zipper Pocket Cargo Pant. They feel like pajamas, just the most super soft material, stretchy and light.

When I put them on I was even happier. I could literally have been in my pajamas, lounging on the couch. You could do yoga in these or even run a mile. I swear that if I hadn’t liked these scrubs I would have politely sent them back and declined a review, but I really, really like them. They are super breathable and COMFY, which as I said before was my #1 criteria in scrubs.

I also think they look cute (or as cute as scrubs can look, they are really just glorified pajamas). And they have a lot of cool Inspector Gadget features that were fun to discover, like little triangle loops to hang various nursing gear on.

They also have many, many pockets, which if you are an RN know is an absolute essential. I have so much stuff in my pockets on a daily basis at work, and the type A person in me likes to organize my stuff into different pockets so it’s easier to find when I am in the middle of say a dressing change or IV start. There are zipper pockets which are perfect for keeping cash or credit cards for quick coffee runs. There are pockets with cute little pen loops (which are also genius because somehow it is possible to lose a pen in your pocket). There are places to stash tape, scissors, hemostats, and all of the other various gear a nurse totes around all day long.

Basically I am a fan, and would happily purchase more Maevn scrubs in the future. 


Don’t I look comfy even in my awkward selfie mode?

The best part of all of this is that I can giveaway a pair of Maevn scrubs to one of my lovely readers! Now I know not everyone who reads this works in healthare, but honestly you could rock these guys around the house chasing after little kids. Let’s start a new mom trend of wearing scrubs at home, because honestly being a mom is kind of like being a pediatric RN, only with less needles (I hope).

Since this is my first giveaway I’m going to make it really, really simple. Literally the first person to message me their name and mailing address at wins a pair of Maevn scrubs in the size and color of their choice (also include that info in your message pretty please). Ready set go!

*Just an update that as of 9/22 the Maevn scrubs giveaway is closed! Thanks to everyone who entered!

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