Magnolia Table Cookbook Banana Bread + Friday Things

Banana bread is one of my favorite things in the world to eat. My mom made it a lot growing up, and that warm, sweet, banana taste always reminds me of home.

However, when I have attempted my own banana bread, I have failed. Miserably. Pretty much every time. The bread would always come out either super dry and crumbly, more like a cake than that gooey, moist bread you want (I know people hate that word, sorry, you have to use it when describing banana bread). Or it would be the opposite and be pretty much raw in the middle.

How would I describe that? I’ll let Mary Berry take it from here.

Thanks, Mary! (btw I have her cookbook too, and if I really want a baking challenge, I might take that on next, because it is very fancy and British (lots of scones and trifles and puddings) and all of the measurements are in grams and have different names, for example, granulated sugar = caster sugar in fancy British speak)

But back to the banana bread. So I was really excited to try the Magnolia Table recipe, because it promised uniformly browned and moist (see, I told you that word would be used here a lot, apologies for all you weirdos who can’t handle it) banana bread, due to the fact that you bake it in an 8″ square pan and not a loaf pan.


It was SUPER easy. The only thing that took a little longer which I would think you could do without (but it does give baked goods a nice brown butter taste when you do this step) is to melt the butter and then let it cool to room temperature (I also do this with my chocolate chip cookies and just let the butter melt in the stainless steel Kitchen Aid mixing bowl I’m going to use to cream it in). Then you do your basic creaming of the butter, eggs, and sugar, mix in mashed bananas, mix in dry ingredients, pour into pan with parchment paper, voila.

It turned out SO yummy. Like certainly the best banana bread I’ve ever made (as I mentioned, the bar is pretty low) but also one of the best banana bread recipes I’ve eaten. This may be because there was a full stick of butter in it. I’ve learned that egregious amounts of butter tend to be the secret to anything tasting really good (it’s why restaurant food always taste so much better).


This cookbook really causes an emotional conundrum, because the Southerner in me loves all of that butter, but the nurse in me wants to raise my hand and politely wonder if we could substitute something a little less obesity creating/artery clogging.

But I do think if it’s not on a regular basis, a little butter is okay, and in fact a pretty necessary ingredient to a happy and delicious life.

Oh and also she suggested sprinkling some granulated sugar on the top before baking, which left the most delicious, sugary crunch. Mmmmmmm.


So I absolutely give this one a positive review and will be adding it to the rotation.

Oh and Mary’s take:


Our only other excitement today was a trip to Lewis Ginter garden. It was absolutely gorgeous there, everything in bloom and bright sunshine and tons of kiddos. Ryland decided she’d rather make friends with a statue of children though ๐Ÿ™‚



And then we hung out at my parent’s house in Ashland and enjoyed the hot summer temps with a little water table and public nudity (on Ryland’s part only I promise).


And that was our Friday. Now mama is gonna pour herself a glass of wine and go sit outside and enjoy the late afternoon sun with the kiddos. I hope you all have a great start to your weekend!

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