Monday Musings.

Happy Monday everyone! So this post is a little later in the day than typical, because this morning I chose to use my Monday Morning Me Time (trademark) to get a ton of super not fun productive stuff done around the house (laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc) versus go to Starbucks and write. Even though it wasn’t fun or relaxing, it still felt good and kind of amazing to have the house to myself for a couple of hours. I honestly don’t remember the last time that happened, definitely not since Bobby was born. I do feel a little conflicted about my choice to clean and do house work versus do something a little more restorative, but some weeks the OCD wins out 🙂

Anywho, here’s what’s on my mind today:

1. Saturday morning I went to celebrate two of my favorite gal pals for a joint bday brunch at The Daily out here at Greengate.

It’s always fun when we can all coordinate our busy schedules to get together, and I do so love all of these beautiful ladies. I was starving (as per usual, because me at baseline + breastfeeding = linebacker appetite) and got a salmon bagel (is there anything better than the combo of a bagel, cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers and red onion?) as well as one of their power bowls (full of yummy hipster goodness like chia and coconut and hemp seed oil or whey or something along those lines).

They were both amazing. As was the company 🙂

2. Other fun weekend plans included a bday party for my cousin’s sweet daughter (who is 8 days older than Ryland). It was the perfect kids party, relaxed, low stress, and lots of room for kids to roam (at our wedding venue, my aunts house and the site of many a family shindig). Ryland had a blast with her cousins.


Bobby was less effusive but I think he had a pretty good time.

He sadly had to stay in his coat the whole time thanks to these unseasonably frigid temps, but I had to snap a photo of his adorable spring outfit hidden underneath. The funny thing is that I got this longall from one of my best friends, MK, in a big bin of baby boy clothes. I took a video of him in it and sent it to her, and she reminded me that I actually purchased it, for her, 3+ years ago when she was pregnant with her first son. So it was a unexpected full circle moment that my baby ended up in the outfit I picked out for my best friend’s son in what feels like a different lifetime. Life can be funny sometimes 🙂

3. We got a new baby seat thanks to my sweet friend Laura. Bobby loves it.

The only issue is that Ryland climbs into it whenever it’s empty (she does this with all of Bobby’s little seats and swings…I think it’s some kind of primal ape territory claiming move), and she has gotten completely stuck both times she’s gotten in, to the point where it’s taken two people (luckily both times I haven’t been alone) to get her out. If it happens when I am alone I may literally have to cut her out of it or lube her up with something…

4. Today, like most Monday’s, Ryland fell asleep on the way home from preschool. It’s been a consistent occurrence. And I try so hard every week to be creative and prevent it. Today I brought a 3 course lunch to hand her course by course as we drove. I rolled down her window. I tried to talk to her. I threw things at her from the front seat (only soft objects!). And she stayed awake until about 5 minutes away from home. I swear all it takes is like 5 seconds of car sleep to WRECK any chance of an afternoon crib nap. She could blink too long in the car and then not nap. I love Monday mornings, but Monday afternoons can be such a struggle (she won’t nap but is SO tired from her morning covering herself in paint). Sometimes I fight it or get annoyed or just deal, but today after an hour of unsuccessful attempts to get her down in the crib, I decided to beat her at her own game. I threw her and Bobby in the car, grabbed an (overpriced but delicious) Ginger Juice smoothie and then drove for an hour listening to podcasts while my kids napped 😉

It was actually kind of lovely.

5. Bobby is still hitting that good old 4 month sleep regression pretty hard. I actually had to bring him into bed with us two nights ago because he would not. go. back. down. after a 1am feed (this is VERY unusual for him, he has always gone right back to sleep after night feeds, partly why we stopped co-sleeping a couple months ago). I tried for like an hour to get him back to sleep and then gave up and snuggled him up to nurse so we could both get some more sleep (the night before had been rough and I was mentally and physically done). I will say that it is an enormous emotional safety net to know that we always have this is a backup if everything goes to crap in the middle of the night, and it’s one of the reasons I will hopefully keep breastfeeding until at least close to 1 year (we have a non-kid trip in November (!!!, basically all the exclamation points in all the land) and there is no way in hell I am pumping on a tropical, romantic vacation with my husband, so we will wean by then 😉 ) I know everyone has different opinions and viewpoints on the whole co sleeping thing, and that’s totally fine, but I will say that having it in your back pocket can really be a lifesaver.

And that’s all for Monday folks. Hope you’re all doing well and having a good start to your week. The good news is that on Wednesday this cold snap will FINALLY break, and it’s going to be 70 degrees! Cue dancing! And singing! And toddler backyard nudity!!


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