Monday Musings

Hey friends. I hope you all had marvelous weekends and survivable Mondays.

I am still batting this godforsaken sinus infection, and today marked like literally day 15 of this thing (technically the first 5-7 days were a cold virus, then the sinus infection kicked in, but honestly it all just blurs together into a glob of ickiness).

I spent Saturday almost entirely in bed with Bobby (thanks to my saint of a mother who watched Ryland at her house all day long), and I’ve spent a lot of time on and off in bed the last 2 weeks, and I am just done.

It’s May. It’s glorious out (if a teeny bit hot). I keep seeing everyone’s pictures of parks and pools and outings, and I just am done with this stupid never ending phlegm fest. So today I decided I am just going to white knuckle it and get back to my routine as much as possible.

Today was one of those mornings where I just woke up with my skin crawling because of the lengthy list of things I needed to do and have been neglecting since being sick. I don’t like this aspect of my personality, but my goodness is it a dominant trait that is hard to kick.

So I dropped Bobby with one of my best pals and got to work, and have been working ever since. Laundry, cleaning, groceries, more laundry, more cleaning. Cleaning the bathrooms. Taking out trash. Cleaning out the fridge. Laundering the linens and towels. It was a tsunami of productivity. And it didn’t make my sinuses feel any better per se, but my goodness does my mental state feel better. I weirdly HATE feeling sick in a dirty house. I don’t know what it is, but every speck of dirt and dust seems amplified if I don’t feel well. So now that I have a clean house (for at least like another 13 hours), I can finally take a deep breath.

And after taking that breath, I just wanted to pop in and share real quick what we’ve been up to the last few days (Saturday, as mentioned, was pretty much a big wash, although I did finally watch The Big Sick, and I LOVED it, definitely recommend it).

Friday I wanted to get out of the house while R slept (night shifts), and I needed the extra help with not feeling great, so I headed to my mom’s and Ryland had her usual incredible time. She also discovered a new passion for watermelon (and if there’s anything that, to me, represents childhood summer in a nutshell, it’s eating a big hunk of ice cold watermelon out in the heat, getting all sticky from the juice, and then rinsing off after in a pool, pond or lake or, in Ryland’s case, water table)


Bobby also developed a new skill which he really worked hard showing off to my mom, bubble blowing.


Yesterday, R let me relax all day while he did most of the kiddo duties (minus breastfeeding, because well, men haven’t yet developed that useful skillset). He also brought me Rise donuts and biscuits for breakfast (mmmm).


And Ryland (Rob) got me a balloon. It quickly became Ryland’s literal new best friend. She has carried it around with her nonstop since yesterday (including in the bath, while eating, while on the changing table, outside, etc.)


And then in the evening, we headed over to Ashland to celebrate with my mom and my sister and her family.

Ryland had such a good time. She is totally in her element outside, getting dirty, running and laughing surrounded by cousins. It’s how I grew up (except with 10 cousins, but my sister is about to have her FOURTH child so we may get to that at some point) and I am SO happy to see my kids get the chance to do the same.




Bobby also really loves hanging out with his big cousins.



We ate yummy food for dinner, laughed and talked, and had a lovely little Mother’s Day evening.

I feel like it goes without saying how lucky I know I am, but I do just have to get a little sappy for a moment. I am so freaking lucky to be a mom. Having a day where I get celebrated is really just the icing on the cake. And the cake is, well, it’s everything.




  1. Laura | 16th May 18

    Ryland’s pigtails might be the cutest thing in the world!

    • Liz | 18th May 18

      Thanks!! They’re pretty ridiculous but I love them, she looks so much older and more like a little girl 😌

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