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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had lovely, healthy weekends full of Super Bowl fun 🙂

As for ourselves, we’ve been pretty low key around here this weekend. The weather was pretty cold and wet. R was recovering from a possible flu like virus he had last week. And then Ryland came down with a cold (thankfully not the flu) on Sunday.

So there’s been a lot of cuddle time and a lot of this:

For mama there has been A LOT of this:
You guys, I went my ENTIRE pregnancy without coffee (it was the one aversion that lasted all nine months, I couldn’t even think about drinking a cup of coffee, and coffee is my precious, this was a hard phase of life). And maybe my body is trying to make up for all that lost time now, or maybe it’s the fact that my typical wake up time with Bobby is between 4:30-5:30, or maybe we’ve been watching way too much of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (where the coffee is so lovingly and beautifully filmed you can practically smell it) but I am drinking ALL the coffee. Like seriously all of it. Columbia called me personally to address the supply issue.

I should probably try to contain myself, but it is so, so good. It is the nectar of life and it sustains me. And NO I do not have a serious addiction issue…

This is random (but if you haven’t noticed, this whole post is, because we literally did nothing all weekend), but I accidentally bought Ryland the dark chocolate Kodiak pancakes (they actually are not that unhealthy in terms of sugar, the ingredients are pretty similar to the regular ones except for a little bit of cocoa, and they’re not even that sweet, just a hint of chocolate-y-ness), and I usually put peanut butter on her pancakes instead of real butter (good fats for the win!), and anyways, I tried a piece of one of her pancakes and it is like eating a healthier version of a peanut butter cup. SO good. You should try it.


Bobby and George are both deeply jealous of her PB chocolate pancakes.
The only things of note for the weekend are that I went to another Cycle Bar class and was not in the bottom three!! I was in the bottom 10, and I’ll take that any day, because a lot of the women in that class are not joking around. Like they come with their own cycle shoes. And could probably kick my butt several ways to Tuesday if I tried to steal their bike or something equally offensive.

We also watched the first half of the Super Bowl (I knew staying awake for the entire thing was out of the question, but I did need to at least watch until JT, because JT and I go way back, like multiple screaming teenage girl N’Sync concerts in middle school way back).

This was Bobby’s reaction to the David Harbour (Hopper from Stranger Things) Tide commercials. We both found it amusing. And kudos to Tide for trying to change the conversation about their product away from  teenagers trying to eat pods on Youtube (all I really have to say about that is…natural selection).

And lastly I felt very accomplished as a mom and nurse last night when we finally cracked the code for getting Ryland to take medicine. Apple sauce pouches. Last time she was sick I had tried mixing her meds in with the regular fruit pouches and she sussed it out like a bloodhound. But applesauce much more effectively masks the taste (which duh, I give kids meds in applesauce all the time at work and I’m not sure why I’m such a dumb dumb in my own home and lose all of my nursing common sense). And if I squirt it into the pouch in another room and put the cap back on before I give it to her she has NO IDEA (insert evil laugh here).

So last night we were able to medicate her and she slept soundly through the night despite a bad cough (calm down, we didn’t like sedate her, just a little motrin and (safe) amount of benadryl to dry her up). Parenting win.

Well I apologize for the super unexciting post. Hopefully our lives will perk back up a little this week (who are we kidding, it’s winter and flu season, and we have two babies under two, we are stuck in this indoor purgatory for weeks to come, but a mom can dream).

I’d love to live vicariously through you guys though! Any exciting weekend moments? Were you able to do cool things like leave your house? Any Super Bowl parties? Comments are welcome and encouraged!

Ashley B
2/5/2018 09:17:17 pm

I found your blog through a post you had on scarymommy. I am currently on Mat leave with my first little one, so a lot of what you are saying really resonates with me (particularly the being stuck inside part)!
Anyhow, just thought I’d leave a comment to say your blog is great! Your writing style is easy to read and the honesty is refreshing! Glad I stumbled across this. 🙂
Also, going to have to give applesauce a try!

– a Canadian mom also trapped for the winter


2/6/2018 07:21:07 am

Ashley, so glad you found the blog through Scary Mommy! Also the fact that you are doing the new mom thing in winter in CANADA makes me feel like a total wuss complaining about winter in Virginia. A freezing day for us is probably a warm spring day for you guys 😉 So you are already my hero. Luckily for both of us winter will end at some point! Hang in there and thanks again for the kind words!



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