My Favorite Things at Trader Joe’s

Hey friends! Hard to believe it’s already Thursday! With R off, this week has been zooming by. We went to the pool for the first time on Tuesday, the zoo yesterday, and the Science Museum this morning. I’ll definitely share more thoughts on those outings later (especially the pool with two little kiddos), but today I wanted to pop in and share my 10 favorite things at Trader Joe’s.

I know it’s a little random, but I went on Tuesday, and it is and has been for a while, my favorite grocery store. Unfortunately, it is one of the few stores that does not have an online delivery/pickup shopping option so I only get to go when I have a babysitter or R is off (I could bring both children, but I’m not a masochist).

I also am always on the lookout online for other people’s favorite TJ’s items, because despite shopping there a lot, I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of their goodies. It’s always fun to hear what are staples for other people at TJs, because everyone has their different set of favorites.

These are the things that typically end up in my cart every time I make a trip there:


1. I love a good pretzel slim, but these everything flavored ones are just the BEST. The only drawback is how tiny this bag is, because I can easily go through these in like a day (or one sitting…) They also go tremendously well with…


2. Their 3-layer hummus. I am one of the most indecisive people on the planet so a dip that lets me have 3 hummus flavors in 1 is pretty much my dream. Especially when all the flavors are so stinking good.


3. I pretty much get one of these spatchcocked chickens every time I go to TJs. It is the easiest dinner in the world. It’s already seasoned and marinated and you just stick it in the oven for an hour and end up with the most beautiful roast chicken (and it makes your house smell like heaven). Also, if you need to impress someone with a homecooked meal and can’t cook your way out of a paper bag, this would be the perfect item, because all you do is take it out of the wrapper and throw it in a pan, and no one would ever know you didn’t prepare it yourself πŸ˜‰


4. I’ve been pretty skeptical of the whole canned wine thing, but on a recent trip to TJ’s I grabbed a can of the Simpler Wines rose on a whim. And man was it GOOD. Light, refreshing, a teeny bit effervescent. I haven’t tried the other flavors, but I’ve heard good things. These are also perfect to take on the go to places like the beach, pools, picnics, a walk around the neighborhood πŸ™‚


5. This is hands down my favorite TJ’s frozen item, and one I’ve been buying for years and years. This is actually the first frozen meal in my life that I actually enjoyed and my gateway drug to the TJs frozen universe. It’s just really, really good, to the point where I sometimes even prefer this version over “fresh” Indian food. And if you get this, you have to get…


6. This garlic naan is so stinking good and a MUST with any TJ’s Indian entree. Although really you could just eat it on its own. Oh but to truly enjoy it, melt a tiny bit of butter and brush it on once it’s hot out of the oven. Mmmmmm.


7. Once you’ve finished all that delicious Indian food, treat yourself with these little morsels of heaven. They live up to the hype. And you will never be able to enjoy a Reese’s quite the same because these just demolish them.


8. These are another absolute staple and I usually buy two bags at a time (they keep pretty well in ziplock). They are the perfect sandwich roll and are better than pretty much any other grocery store ciabatta (and I have tried them all, because my love of chewy, flaky ciabatta runs deep).


9. This cheese is also something I never leave TJ’s without. Once they didn’t have it and I almost broke down in tears. It’s THAT good. It makes all other cheddar look like a pale imitation. It’s SO flavorful and rich and absolutely delightful paired with one of the ciabatta rolls and…

uncured-sliced-pastrami10. I am normally a turkey sandwich kind of gal (as in, eat one pretty much every day for lunch), but I make an exception for this pastrami. Sure, it has all that fancy no nitrates, no preservatives good stuff, but it also just tastes amazing. And when you combine it with that New Zealand white cheddar on a toasted ciabatta roll….excuse me, I need to dry off my keyboard because it’s covered in drool.


11. My love for all things TJs goes well beyond just food. All of their soap is great, but this French orange blossom honey soap not only smells incredible but looks like a super fancy and luxurious hand soap but for the fraction of the price.


12. All of their veggie burgers are awesome, but these are my favorite. We fed them to Ryland a lot, because they’re full of veggies but taste like PIZZA.


13. Speaking of pizza, I love using this lavash bread to make pizzas. It holds up really well to lots of toppings but also tastes really good on its own. This bread also makes for an excellent wrap situation.


14. These are pretty new, but I had to include them because I was so excited to see them in the pasta aisle. I frequently come across recipes that call for these obscure, specific kinds of pasta, and I can never find them at the regular grocery store. I know places like Whole Foods probably sell them, but they would also charge an arm and a leg. These were all under $5. And they’re super cute right?


15. If you’re having a party, want to feed your guests something yummy, and don’t want to spend several days in the kitchen, Trader Joe’s appetizers are the way to go my friends! They are SO good and all you have to do is stick them in the oven. These two are my absolute favorites, because really, what’s not to love about fried balls filled with goodness.


So those are my favorites. I’d love to hear yours! What am I missing?!


  1. Liz | 2nd Jun 18

    Those pretzel slims are dangerous, haha. I could eat the whole bag! And I just recently bought a couple of cans of that wine but I haven’t tried it yet!

    • Liz | 2nd Jun 18

      It’s all SO good! The wine is yummy but a little dangerous because 1 can = a solid 2 glasses 😌

  2. Coco | 8th Jun 18

    Oh, I”ll have to try that chicken. I love their frozen fire roasted pepper mix (for fajitas) and frozen chocolate croissants. πŸ™‚

    • Liz | 8th Jun 18

      Mmm I haven’t seen frozen chocolate croissants there! Must try immediately!!

  3. Susan @ Culinary Envy | 8th Jun 18

    I just love TJ’s and I put all of your recommendations on my list! I was shocked that the ciabatta rolls were the only thing I have previously tried! So excited, I just may have to run by there today!

    • Liz | 8th Jun 18

      It’s amazing how even if you go to TJs a lot there are still so many new things to try! But those ciabatta rolls are the best right?

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