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Hello again friends. Since I showed you around our playroom yesterday, I thought today I’d give a little peek into Bobby’s nursery. Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, the only reason this nursery looks clean and neat is because it is currently not in use in our household. Bobby does not sleep here. He sleeps in our room, in his beloved Rock n Play. He’s so cozy in it and does so well (most nights) that he may sleep there until he is 12 (that wouldn’t exceed the weight limit right?)

I had a really good time decorating this room. There actually is no room I love to decorate more than a nursery. I loved it with Ryland’s, and I loved it again here. The fact that I enjoy it is the only reason we actually did it so early, because again, this room = totally unused right now. If I didn’t like it, I probably would have put off actually putting this space together until Bobby was getting ready to go to college.

So, here is his sweet little space, decorated in a travel/adventure theme. And I know, I know, nursery “theme”=ugh, groan, right? It’s totally unnecessary and silly. But I just can’t help it. I love a nursery theme. I would keep having children just so I could keep using new themes (don’t tell R).

So, our first stop is the adorable little bookcase on the left. It was actually originally a black Target bookcase that R had before we met. My wonderful mom (who gets a lot of credit in this nursery) painted it, and did a map backing on the shelves that I absolutely LOVE.

She found the maps at an estate sale. She also found the framed map above the bookcase at an estate sale. The whale bookends are a Home Goods find. And the globe (which lights up!) is from Land of Nod.

Now we’ll move onto the changing table area.

The dresser (which I plan on totally stealing as soon as Bobby doesn’t need a changing table) is Ikea. It’s actually on sale right now for $199 and I HIGHLY recommend it for a baby dresser/changing table. It’s enormous. The drawers are smooth and glide right out. And the top is perfect for a changing pad with plenty of extra space for storage, a lamp, etc.

The changing pad cover is an Etsy find. Looks like that shop is currently on a break, but you can find similar ones here and here.

The vintage travel prints (which I also plan to steal for myself one day, because I am selfish), were another Etsy find. The frames were super cheap from Ikea.

​Alright, so next we have the glider.

The glider is pretty much the comfiest chair in the world and is from PB Kids (bought second hand naturally for a total bargain, there is no way on earth I’m spending retail on one of these babies, although hey, if you can swing it and want to get one new, you do you).

The mural on the wall is actually a giant fabric peel and stick decal from Land of Nod (and R and I may or may not have almost gotten a divorce trying to hang it on the wall, kidding! kind of, but seriously if you know what’s best for your marriage get a third adult to help if you put something like this up).

And the sweet customized map blanket was a baby sprinkle gift from my amazing girlfriends (also Etsy I believe, but I’m not sure from where).

Next we have our crib, which one day will be used (right? at least by the time he’s 21 I’ve got to assume)

So there probably is no better illustration of how much you change as a parent between kid 1 and kid 2 than the crib you buy (if they’re close in age and both still in cribs of course). Kid 1 crib for us was a gorgeous Babies R Us sleigh type crib we picked out after hours of shopping and comparing that cost upwards of $500 (and was a present from my incredibly generous MIL). Kid 2 = $119 from Ikea, picked out in about 5 minutes as we ran through the store like we were contestants on super market sweeps. And I have to say, it’s obviously cheaper material then our other crib, but it’s still solid and safe (all cribs sold in the US are regulated to within an inch of their lives, so really safety is not a factor when you’re trying to decide, because they’re all safe) and simple and I think pretty darn cute.

The crib sheet is from the same Etsy shop as the changing cover. Mobile is from Babies R Us and a hand me down from Ryland.

The pull down shades are made with fabric from U-Fab by my wonderful mama (I told you she deserves most of the credit for this space). She also made curtains if you didn’t spot them in the first picture. Here’s a close up.

Now probably my favorite little decorative touch in the room are these hanging balloons and signs.
The signs are Etsy. And the hot air balloons I actually found in a shop in Nags Head, but they’re also conveniently available on Amazon here!

Last little detail is the rug, which is from and super comfy and soft.

And that’s it my friends. This and Ryland’s nursery (when it’s not a total disaster, which is rare) are pretty much my two favorite rooms in our entire house. There’s just something so sweet and peaceful about a nursery (which I guess is pretty much the point).

Hope you all have a great day and I promise the next post will be back to our regular messy and not at all put together lives!

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