A Morning Routine With 2 Babies under 2


Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your holiday Monday (or in the case of parents everywhere, I hope you survived yet ANOTHER winter day when your darling kiddos were home from school/preschool.)

So today I thought I’d take a little snapshot of what our mornings currently look like. When spring comes I hope a lot of our mornings will involve walks/playground outings and next fall Ryland will be in preschool THREE mornings a week (!!!). But right now we are more or less home bound and incredibly boring. But in the spirit of one day looking back and longing for lazy mornings at home, here’s what goes down in our households most days.

5:30ish. Bobby is up. We just stopped co-sleeping (for multiple reasons particular to Bobby including grassiness and stuffiness at night that made him SUPER restless, not a huge comfort nurser like Ryland, a much quicker and more efficient eater than Ryland so he only wakes 2 times to feed versus like 10). It’s gone really well with him in the rock n play next to our bed but one downside is much earlier morning wake ups. However I don’t mind too much because these dark, quiet moments with just Bobby are fast becoming some of my favorites times of the day.

I take him to the family room, feed him, and then he hangs out in the rock n play or on the playmat before conking out (this nap is usually pretty long, 1-2 hours).

I also change diaper #1, have coffee cup #1, eat my typical breakfast Clif bar, and catch up on some very intellectual DVR.

And then I enjoy the glorious peace and silence until…

6-7ish: The beast awakes. I kid, mostly. Most mornings she wakes up sweet and smiling and huggy. But occasionally she wakes up like a really pissed off hyena. Or even morefun, some mornings she wakes up with a dirty diaper that she has managed to “paint” on her crib (parenting is delightful and not at all disgusting right?)

I make Ryland breakfast, either a Kodiak cake pancake or an English muffin with PB (or if we’re really out of sorts a fruit pouch and cereal bar). Usually by this point I’ve switched on the local news or Today show (Ryland is old enough where I hesitate to keep Vanderpump Rules, I don’t want her first full phrase to be “stupid slut.”

The second she sees food she becomes frantic and throws herself at my legs, tugs on my sweater, raises her fists to the heavens in despair, basically acts like I have never fed her before in her life and this is her last chance to avoid starvation. Feeding a toddler is what I imagine feeding time at the zoo must be like. I manage to get her in the high chair and practically throw pieces of English muffin directly into her mouth as she screams for more. By the time the meal is over we are both exhausted and covered in peanut butter.

7-8ish. Playtime.

Usually somewhere in here is diaper change #1 for Ryland. Since we have nowhere to go she stays in pajamas or ends up in just a diaper.
Playtime quickly veers from her toys to anything in the house. Among her favorite activities: rearranging everything in our closet, pulling everything out of the drawers in our bathroom, bringing random items out of our room into various corners in the house where they will stay hidden for weeks or even months, flinging quarters in the air, and the old standby, playing with Tupperware.

8ish: I shower while Bobby finishes up his nap. This is essential for my sanity and I recommend it to all moms of infants. I have to start my day with a shower, even if we aren’t going to leave the house, no matter how cranky the babies are, even if it means Bobby needs to fuss for a few minutes, even if Ryland uses that time to draw all over the bathroom wall with my eyeliner. When you breastfeed especially and have the night sweats that come with it, you just wake up feeling gross and really need that shower. Usually Ryland hangs out in the bathroom, sometimes half in the shower. I remind myself that one day I will take showers in private again. And then I change from my nighttime comfy clothes to my daytime comfy clothes (which are essentially the same but I tell myself they’re different to feel better about living in leggings and sweatpants).

8:30ish: Coffee #2. Bobby wakes up. He gets diaper change #2 and eats again. I usually succumb and put on a show or movie for Ryland to keep her entertained while Bobby eats. These days it’s usually Sing.

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9-10ish: Movie/TV time continues. I either use this time to write, cuddle Bobby (or usually a combo of both) or get stuff done around the house like cleaning or laundry. Ryland and Bobby are both fans of the vacuum and because we have a golden retriever with ALL the hair, I vacuum pretty much daily. Laundry is also almost a daily task because babies and toddlers are adorable and also disgusting. Somewhere in here Ryland usually gets diaper change #2.

10: ​Coffee #3! (No I don’t have a problem…) Snack time! Ryland usually gets a yogurt squeeze pouch (best invention ever!!)


Doesn’t her expression just scream “GIVE ME MORE MINION!”
She downs this in like 10 seconds and demands more food. I cave and give her a cereal bar which is shoved into her mouth pretty much the second the wrapper comes off. She wants more. I put my foot down. She grabs my hand and leads me to the fridge. I say no. She leads me to the pantry. I say no. Cue meltdown #1 of the day until I can distract her with something shiny (literally).

10-11ish. A tricky time of morning. Bobby is typically napping again and Ryland is typically bored and restless and ready for lunch (despite her 2 snacks). This is when it would be really great to be able to you know, leave the house, even just to go outside or on a walk. But with temps below freezing we’re stuck. Sometimes we’ll go upstairs to the playroom. Sometimes we’ll find more things to do downstairs. Some days we color. Sometimes she follows me around as I do chores. And then there are the A+ parenting days when we watch another show/movie (please don’t judge me, I judge myself enough already!)

11ish. Bobby eats again and gets diaper change #3 (that brings us to 5 total). Ryland is back to her food demands. I always try to push lunch until 12 but typically cave and feed her closer to 11:30. Usually a sandwichor quesadilla and raisins/veggie straws/crackers and hummus. Something easy (and of course the ubiquitous fruit and veggie pouch, these are single handedly responsible for the reason my daughter doesn’t have scurvy, or rickets).

After lunch we play and I count down the seconds until nap time. Again I try to push this until 1 but typically don’t make it and she ends up down by like 12:30-12:45.

So that’s our morning deal right now. We have good ones where everyone is happy and no one cries. And we have bad ones when we’re all in tears by 10. I know before long mornings are going to turn into rushed, on the go productions so I really am trying to remember to embrace these long, unplanned winter mornings trapped inside. Because one day I will miss them…

or at least parts of them 😉


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