Our Thursday in photos.

Hey everyone! So if you live anywhere near the southeast you may have noticed that it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL today, with full fledged summer temperatures and miles of sunshine.

After this endless, cold, gray March it just felt so sweet and good and welcome. All I wanted to do was lie down in a field somewhere, scrunch my toes in the warm grass, and stare at the sky.

However since R was off we were a little more active than that 🙂

I have a million photos from today so I thought I’d share the story of our day mostly in images.

We started at the Richmond Zoo bright and early. I have mentioned it here before, but I LOVE the zoo. Ryland is also a fan.

All the flowers and trees were in bloom, and the sky was full of little white petals. Ryland pretended to be “scared” of some of the animals , but as soon as we made it to the giraffes all pretend fear was gone.

I think the giraffes liked her too.

I also couldn’t resist putting her in her new giraffe shirt, because I’m a sucker for a good theme outfit.

She also was a BIG fan of the farm animals, almost a little too aggressive with her love. I think it’s because George is such a big, harmless lump that she can climb and roll around with so she assumes all animals are like that.

After some rest time we headed back out to one of the soft opening dates for the new Hardywood our here in Goochland! We have been waiting (not so) patiently for this since we moved here, and it more than lived up the expectations. It’s absolutely stunning inside and out.

There’s so much wide open land, and the tasting room/brewery is just gorgeous, all natural wood and concrete and glass. It’s really a beautifully designed place, and I’m so happy to have it in the neighborhood. I got the Drink of Me Fondly, my new favorite beer. Ryland and Bobby enjoyed their trip as well.

And finally we ended the day with dinner (and popsicles/popsicle abstract art) out on the porch.

I’m not quite sure you can ask for a better spring day. My heart is full with all of the sights and sounds and smells of spring (and my belly is full with some delicious Hardywood beer 😉 )

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