Saturday Six.

So, this was supposed to be a “Friday Five” post that I intended to write last night after the kiddos went to bed,Ā but, Bobby woke up 45 minutes after he went down and proceeded to party for THREE HOURS. So obviously, no writing occurred. The good news is because of my insistence on alliteration in blog post titles, I get to share SIX things on my mind instead of a measly five šŸ™‚

1.Speaking of sleep:


After last night’s rough patch (and 2 previous nights of Bobby waking up after a solid couple of weeks of sleeping through the night), I just decided to go cold turkey and get him out of the Dock a Tot. He officially is sleeping sans any “crutches” (minus the sleep sack, but I don’t think that really counts) and no longer looks like he is preparing to spend the night in outer space. Here’s the thing I’ve realized. I always hem and haw about transitions, like when to transition out of the Rock n’ Play, when to stop the Magic sleepsuit, when to stop the Dock a Tot, etc. And I finally realized the best time to stop things like that is when sleep is total crap anyway (whether from a sleep regression, teething, demon possession, Mercury in retrograde, your child deciding he hates you, etc). That seems counterintuitive, but really, you’re not going to rock the boat when your kid is sleepingĀ well.Ā If your kid is not sleeping well, however, you sort of go into it with a “well it can’t get any worse” mentality. Or at least that’s how I’ve approached things. And so far it hasn’t gotten any worse. In fact, with the sleepsuit at least, things got muchĀ betterĀ after we stopped using it. I think a lot of times babies are smarter than we think, and some of their sleep issues can be a way of them telling you they’re ready to sleep a little more freely and be able to move their arms and not spend the night in the baby version of a straight jacket. Or at least that’s what I think. We’ll see how the next few nights go out of the Dock a Tot, and I may have a different take on things.


2. Before our sleep fiasco, we actually had a lovely evening yesterday. After dinner, instead of cleaning the kitchen or going straight to baths like usual, I just said screw it, it’s warm and sunny, let’s go play outside. And so we spent about an hour in the backyard and front porch, music on, glass of rose in hand. It was perfect, just one of those warm summer evenings, filled with golden light and crickets and the smell of charcoal from down the street. Now that Bobby is a little older and more able to hang, I’m so excited for a long summer full of nights like these.


3. My love for the Lewis Ginter children’s garden (and happiness that we got a membership) grows each time we visit.


Ryland LOVES it there, although truth be told, while she’s a big fan of the sandbox and giant treehouse overlooking the pond, she also would be pretty stoked to go there just for the puddles.



4. One of my favorite bands of the last 5-7ish or so years has been the Scottish group, Frightened Rabbit. We saw them live in Charlottesville a few years back, and I just have always thought their music was great and loved the unique, beautiful voice of the lead singer, Scott Hutchison. Tragically, he committed suicide a few weeks ago, and ever since then I find myself listening to their songs a lot. Obviously, I’m heartbroken as a fan, but mostly heartbroken for him and his family and friends. The song I keep listening to though is the one below. It has two of my favorite lyrics of any song, “when it’s all gone, something carries on” and “while I’m alive, I’ll make tiny changes to Earth.” The whole situation is so horrible and tragic, but I hope these words offer some hope and comfort to the people he left behind. And if you haven’t ever listened to this band, I highly encourage you to do so:

And this one, because it’s SUCH a great song.

5. It may not be Friday, but I still wanted to share some of my current favorites:


For me:

-These Target knock-off Birkenstocks are literally some of the COMFIEST sandals I’ve ever worn (to be honest, a lot comfier than actual Birkenstocks, and they cost about 1/6 of the cost of real Bircks! I got them in white, but they come in a bunch of colors. Go get some!)

-J. Crew Factory is having a 50% off sale and I snagged this adorable one-shoulder dressĀ ($29.95 right now) and these two sweet cover-ups, the pom-pom oneĀ here and scalloped one here.

For Ryland:

-I am OBSESSED with Gap’s toddler bubble shorts. She has them in a bunch of colors and prints, because they’re comfy, easy, breezy, and the CUTEST.

-Also, love this sweet peplum tank.

-And finally, got these sandals for Ryland a little while back and they’re great. She can still run and play in them (which I was worried about with sandals versus tennis shoes) and they also look really darn cute. Also come in a few different colors. Kind of wish I waited to get them because right now they’re 40% off!

6. It’s been a little while since I’ve done a round-up of some of my pieces that have been floating around the interweb, so thought I’d do that (because hello, shameless self-promotion, and also, it’s kind of part of the gig šŸ˜‰ )

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-My Daughter Doesn’t Need a Beauty Filter



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