Saturday Six

(Disclosure, this was originally a Friday Five post, but well, life happens, so voila, now it’s a procrastinated Saturday Six!) Also, I was going to wait to post again until my blog got transferred to the new platform (and looks all perty and fresh), but it looks like that won’t happen until Monday at the soonest, SO, I just couldn’t wait to share what six things are on my mind this FREEZING Saturday in March.

1. Another Trader Joe’s run, another bunch of fresh eucalyptus. Isn’t it so pretty? I love fresh flowers, but I feel like they always start to wilt practically the minute I get them home, whereas vines/branches seems to last longer (or at least hide it better). And it smells SO good, just a heavenly little burst of fresh, warm weather scent that cuts through the end of winter blues. And for $2.99/piece it’s a really cheap and easy way to bring some spring accents into your home. I actually got two, because they have a few different varieties of eucalyptus and I couldn’t resist 🙂

2. One of my brilliant best friends invited our group of gal pals to join her on the Marco Polo app, and it’s a life changer. In general I think a lot of apps remove us from human contact (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, all those ones I personally use WAY too much in lieu of a phone call or face to face interaction), but Marco Polo is neat because you basically use it to send short little video messages back and forth (kind of like Face Time but pre-recorded, if that makes sense?). And so it’s that rare bit of technology that I feel like actually promotes real human contact (via a video sure, but you’re still talking and seeing each other’s real time faces). Already in just a couple of days I feel like I’ve been able to connect in a really cool way with some of my best friends (versus our usual group text situation, which is fun, but not nearly as authentic) by sending little videos back and forth. Also, I think the people who invented this app are going to be filthy rich soon, because it is ADDICTIVE.

3. Thanks to gold old breastfeeding cravings ( i.e. GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD), I have really needed these in my life lately. I haven’t had them in years but they are every bit as delicious as I remember. Although can we address the name changes? The F Girls Scouts? Samoas for life!!!!

4. I picked these little figurines up at the Target cheapo front of store section and they have been quite the hit. It’s amazing how the cheapest toys sometimes are preferred way more than anything fancy or pricey.

5. This one has definitely been going through a Wonder Week/leap/regression, which combined with a cold has made for some long evenings and nights. I can’t wait until it’s over and my mellow, sweet Bobby returns. Unless this is is true personality coming out and we’re totally screwed. Also this is gross but you guys, he had a blow out yesterday that went down to his TOES. I don’t even know how that’s possible. Like the force of that should have shot him clear across the room. When I was changing him it was a major code brown five alarm situation, and I panicked went into “abort abort” mode and threw away his outfit, because it was too disgusting to even go in the washing machine. Boys are gross, apparently from birth 🙂

6. My mom babysat for us last night and brought over this incredible chocolate chip banana bread. Which I enjoyed this morning with my (third) cup of coffee. Mmmmm.

What are you guys up to this weekend? Any fun plans?

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