Um, so yesterday was apparently the first day of spring. Clearly.

I think I join a chorus of other voices when I say, “WTF MOTHER NATURE!?” Why do you hate us? This has pretty much been my expression most of this morning.

And I LOVE snow. I’m a snow person. Like Lorelai Gilmore levels of snow obsession.


And fine it is pretty and all.

Maybe I would still be charmed by this, if I didn’t have two babies under two, if I hadn’t just survived one of the LONGEST winters of my life stuck inside with an infant and a toddler (aka an emotional terrorist). But SERIOUSLY!? It’s March freaking 21st. Snow I love you, but we’re done okay? This is your eviction notice. Come back anytime next year after November. But you’re no longer welcome at this point in my emotional journey. Now I’m Lorelai Gilmore season 5 when it comes to my feelings about snow.


So yeah, that’s where I am. At least my children don’t share my cynicism (at least from the warmth of indoors, last time it snowed a week or so ago Ryland was clearly also pretty DONE). Since we’re stuck inside all day long (AGAIN), it’s another pajamas all day, WAY too many episodes of Sesame Street/Peppa Pig kind of Wednesday. Bobby doesn’t seem to mind.

We also did the whole snow in a bowl thing (which provided a solid 15 minutes of entertainment).

Oh winter, I really want to believe that one day you will end. Please end. Pretty pretty please. I really would like to go outside again. I’m not sure how many more times I can stand to watch British pigs on my television or hear a request for a NACK for the 5,000th time of the morning. For now we’ll be here, inside, playing with snowballs and trying not to all go insane. Anyone else stuck inside with little ones? How are you surviving?


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