Snow day

Snow day



We woke up to another lovely snow day around here. I’m all for snow right now, since we’re already stuck inside, might as well have something pretty to look at out the windows!

Some snow day highlights:

You know how Pinterest is chock full of posts about indoor toddler activities? I always see these and think, “well I’ve pretty much lost in the parenting department.” Because they’re always these lovely, detailed Montessori type activities, like sensory tables or building scale replicas of the Empire State building from pasta or Moon Sand (whatever that is) or filling up a giant plastic container full of beans for your kid to sit in (Ryland would sit in this for like a minute and then proceed to hurl beans all over our house/at the dog).

Apologies to my children but mama just ain’t got the patience or frankly creative talent for that (plus that many beans would be an investment).

However today I was pretty proud of myself. I came up with a brand new indoor game for toddlers stuck inside. May I present to you: CUP O SNOW. Here are the steps.

1. Get a plastic cup.
2. Fill it up with snow (preferably clean and not dirty/yellow).
3. Hand it to your child.
4. Let the magic commence.

In all seriousness this kept Ryland entertained for a while.

And then when Cup O Snow fizzled out, in a divine mom burst of inspiration, I came up with yet another indoor, sensory, fine motor enhancing kid friendly and parent approved, GLUTEN and DAIRY FREE toddler activity. May I present: CUP O SNOW WITH SPRINKLES!
Educational and ​delicious. Thank you, thank you. I take requests for birthday parties and bat mitzvahs.

​Other snow day things:

Not quite as good as the real deal, but still a yummy wintery treat!

I also finished dinner by 10am (always a good feeling) with a Skinny Taste crockpot Taco Chili.

By the way, last night’s meal, Slow Cooker Indian and Peas, was another Crockpot Skinny Taste (no better invention for a mom whose babies both get cranky after 5pm than a Crockpot which lets you cook when everyone is in a better mood), and it was AWESOME.
Something about snow just makes you crave warm meals so Ryland and I both had paninis for lunch (aka grilled cheese), hers just plain cheddar, mine turkey, cheddar and sri racha.
After nap time we did a little Frozen (appropriate for today’s weather) watching and snuggling.
And then we all counted down the minutes (or maybe I was the only one doing the counting…) until 5pm.

Hello old friend.

And soon all that will be left is bedtime for Ryland and then I’ll be enjoying my taco chili (another reason I pretty much only cook crock pot meals these days, at 7ish after I put Ryland to bed the last thing I want to do is cook or assemble a meal), and last night’s episode of Fixer Upper 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed and/or survived your snow days!!

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