Spring decor tweaks.

There’s something about spring that just makes you (or at least me) want to start from scratch when it comes to all things style, from my wardrobe to my home. It just feels like the right moment for a refresh. Because we only just decorated this house for the first time, I obviously did not feel the need to do anything major. But I did make a few very small changes to satisfy my annual urge for change and renewal.
Bedding refresh. I love me a good duvet cover. This one was on sale at West Elm (less than $50 for a king size!) and I jumped on the chance to get it and use it as the jumping off point for an entire bed refresh. I got the pillows at Target (I do love having big pillows on the bed for reading, although acknowledge it is kind of silly to have to take them and off the bed on a daily basis), but they look so great! I also took advantage of a big Pottery Barn sale to finally get some “nice” sheets (with a monogram, couldn’t resist!) We registered for them for our wedding, but didn’t get them (I know sheets aren’t the most exciting item to get off a registry so totally understood). They are just basic white so not super exciting but they still make me happy. I love this look, because I think it’s crisp and clean and beachy, which fits my spring induced mood perfectly.

The other refresh I did is a little larger, but still very easy. We’ve had an entry way bench since we moved in that R got from Target a while back for his apartment in Charlottesville. It’s ideal for the space and functional, but not exactly stunning in its design. This is how it originally looked, very blah and beige.

Yes, George’s crate is in our living room, still. The plan was always to put it in the back room, but we kind of have forgotten/can’t bring ourselves to move him to the back of the house all by his lonesome (yes we are ridiculous wimps and George rules the roost). The first thing I replaced were the plain tan baskets. I went to Home Goods and perused their extensive basket collection and settled on these.
Anyone who knows me knows I am a fan of all things rustic (yes, yes I know it is SO overdone in decor right now, I don’t care, I still like it and always will). I think these were great because they’re “cute” but still functional enough to throw dirty shoes and gloves in (which is their purpose after all).

The next thing that had to go was the cushion. I was going to go to U-fab in the Fan and get it reupholstered but realized that would be pricey (U-Fab is still my go to for fabric though). I did a quick search online and found out that there are places where you can order custom sized cushions and pillows in a fabric of your choosing. I used cushionsource.com which I will absolutely plug, because they were really easy to use, had a HUGE collection of fabrics, were reasonably priced, and delivered quickly. 

I chose a nautical fabric with coral (yes, yes I know, nautical is also SO overdone, what can I say I am not original, but the rustic and nautical styles are two that I will love for life, so really who cares?). The end result….

I’m really happy with how it turned out for a furniture “hack.” I would have painted the piece too, but it’s very lacquered and I know it would probably be a pain in the butt to repaint. And I think the black works okay, because we already have so much in the way of lighter fabrics and hues in our living room so this balances that out a little. 

So those are my two refreshes. As we speak I am definitely day dreaming about what else I can do to freshen up the look of our house this season. I am very much my mother’s daughter and am always thinking about my next project as soon as I finish my last.

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