Sun, beer, babies, and puppies at Ardent.

After a week of rain and work, we finally had a beautiful Spring-like afternoon yesterday and were both off work. So we decided to head to Ardent Craft Ales. They have a really cool beer garden and they awesomely welcome kids and dogs. So we brought our dog, George, and met with up with my BF MK, her husband Josh and their adorable baby. It was a really fun time. I got the sweet potato and sage saison and despite sounding kind of crazy it was so delicious. Very mild sweet potato and sage flavors. Just a slightly sweet farmhouse saison. So good I had to have two 🙂
The place was packed and full of babies and dogs (if you really think about it, an outdoor beer garden is one of the best places to bring both a baby and a dog). George naturally got a ton of attention (if you want to make friends and never be lonely in public get a golden retriever puppy). Although his thunder was slightly stolen by another golden puppy who was there. He and the other golden played for a while and everyone’s hearts simultaneously exploded from the cuteness.
George licked lots of people (and beer on the ground unfortunately, he is taking after his parents, not the licking the ground part, the liking beer part) and wanted to be everyone there’s best friend. I know George loves us, but having a golden you realize that your dog would probably happily go home with anyone he meets, because they just love people so much. 

George and the baby bonded. George and this baby are at the moment at least on similar developmental paths (both obsessed with putting random objects in their mouths, both at the absolute peak of cuteness) and we are convinced George is kind of the baby’s spirit animal (and maybe vice versa).

All four boys bonded over the beer and sunshine.
It really was the perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. It made me so ready and excited about warm weather and all the fun things that come with it.

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