Super Random Thursday Tangents

1. So about that last post that declared THIS was the week for sleep training. Ummm. Not so much. So in our defense, we had three nights in a row that were off our normal routine and late. Saturday I took Ryland to a friend’s couples baby shower and didn’t get home until after 9pm. Sunday we were at my parents and didn’t get home until after 8 (and she fell asleep in the car so was wide awake when we got home). And then Monday I worked and didn’t get home until after 9. So when Tuesday rolled around it didn’t feel like the ideal time to initiate this big change in our lives on the heels of a very non-routine weekend. And then R had to work today so we didn’t want to start on a night that he would have to get up at 5. And this weekend is full of fun but routine throwing things. And yes these all sound a lot like excuses to put this off for as long as possible (and partly they are) but I have read many times that timing is SO important with sleep training,and while there is no perfect time, you also really don’t want to pick a time that sets you up to fail. Next week R is working 7 straight days and so it may be closer to late September when we start our baby in the crib all night long initiative. Yes, I am a wuss. Yes I secretly did want to have a couple more weeks of baby snuggles at night time. But I did have a feeling in my gut that the timing this week just wasn’t right. So stay tuned. We are all still working on putting her to sleep awake in the crib every single night, and on Monday she slept SEVEN hours. I woke up every 1-2 hours convinced she wasn’t breathing and at 4am woke up feeling like my boobs were about to explode, so it was not a restful night for me, but it was for the baby! We were pretty excited. 
2. My new favorite place on earth might be the Metro Richmond Zoo. We took Ryland here on Tuesday, and it was just the best. I had been before, and really liked it but going with my daughter made me see it all through fresh eyes (not that she really cares or understands zoo things at this point, but I know she will soon and I cannot wait for that). When I nannied for my sister in DC, she lived almost across from the National Zoo and I took my niece there pretty much daily. Even though the Richmond zoo is a lot farther away and costs money (since it’s private versus government owned) I anticipate making pretty frequent trips there next year. It’s smaller than the National Zoo and a little ramshackle. But there is something about the place that just feels warm and lovely, like a home. Ducks and peacocks roam the walking paths. Apes mingle with birds and turtles. Giraffes live in the same paddock as other gazelle like animals. Emu’s hang out with kangaroos. Some zoos you go to and the animals just sit there with dead eyes and it’s really depressing. But at the Richmond zoo the animals always seem happy and active and well cared for. I could have sat for hours in front of the chimpanzees watching them play with and tease and chase each other. Plus there are SO many baby animals. The cutest little baby orangutang. Snow leopard cubs! A diapered baby monkey named Lucy who was in the new “animal nursery” in a little crib surrounded by baby toys. Oh and there’s a cheetah and a dog who are BFFs and live together, and my heart pretty much just exploded at that. And you can feed the giraffes out of your hands! And I’m only scratching the surface of cool things at this zoo. I can’t wait to bring Ryland here when she’s old enough to know that a monkey isn’t just a particularly hairy human. 
3. Avocado toast!
So I am super late to this game, because I know avocado toast has been a thing for quite some time. And I know it’s sort of an obnoxious Goop-esque trend that takes up literally 75% of Instagram photos. But I made it for the first time. And it is that good. I love avocados. I love toast. Not sure why I never put them together before. The result is filling and simple and lovely. Plus you can dress it up with eggs or tomatoes or any thing that strikes your fancy. It is my new go to lunch.
4. Wegmans v. Kroger. So there has been quite a lot of excitement around here lately about the new Wegman’s (I live in the burbs now, new grocery stores are sadly that exciting). Wegman’s is new to Richmond, and people were all a buzz. And I’ve gone a few times now (even though I loathe grocery store crowds and this place is always crowded). And yeah, it’s cool and fancy. The prepared foods are pretty awesome. There is a fantastic wine and beer section. The sushi is restaurant quality. But, I went back to Kroger yesterday. And I can say that I am drawing a line in the suburban grocery store war sand. I still prefer Kroger. That will still be my go-to for everyday groceries. Kroger is cheaper, and almost equally important I think it is the most mom/family friendly grocery store around. They have special parking spots for moms with kids. They not only have carts with cute little cars to sit in for older kids but they also have carts with infant carriers attached to them. Their online ordering makes it so you don’t even have to get out of your car if you do your shopping that way. They have a cool feature at the deli where you order your lunch meat first at a touch screen kiosk and then can do the rest of your shopping and pick up your deli stuff at the end (crucial with a baby when waiting around isn’t always the best option). The staff is super friendly. I have had Kroger workers unload a full cart of groceries onto the conveyor belt when I had Ryland in the sling. I have had them insist on taking groceries out to my car. They may not be as splashy as Wegman’s but they have my vote.
5. The baby is on the move. So she hasn’t started crawling or anything like that (thank goodness!). But all the sudden she has decided that when she wants to roll over she will do it several times in a row like a little hot dog on a spit, which in and of itself is a pretty effective mode of locomotion. This means that she can now roll from her playmat to the rug (which also means my vacuuming will need to be 2x day instead of just once a day to keep the mounds of George hair at bay and away from her hands and mouth). However she hasn’t quite gotten the hang of rolling and still gets “stuck” (i.e. have her arm pinned under her, or not be able to flip back over from her tummy) so mom or dad has to come to the rescue. It’s okay. That’s what we’re good for 😉
6. Moms at huge baby consignment sales are VICIOUS. There was a big baby consignment sale in Bon Air yesterday (actually goes on for a few days) and I went with my best friend. My main objective was looking for a jogging stroller, since Ryland is almost old enough for me to run with her (and the weather may finally stop being brutally hot soon). They’re so expensive new and I was hoping to get a good deal. And lo and behold there was a Schwinn jogging stroller in pretty good shape for $25! I was holding Ryland and checking it out when I stood up to look around for someone working to help me. And then some random woman came, looked at me quickly, looked at the shoulder, and then literally picked it up and ran away. I am not exaggerating. I stared after her, mouth open. I mean in her defense it was a really good deal. But still! I practically had a hand still on the thing. And I was holding a baby! I learned my lesson that when it comes to cheap baby stuff, all bets at human decency are off apparently. 

7. Just wanted to give a head’s up that there may be some sponsored posts appearing here in the near future. I know some people get turned off by sponsorship so I hope that isn’t the case. This blog is and always will be 99% for the purposes of me being able to write and share my new mom experiences with others. But there is 1% that I would like to be minimally profitable (since I have scaled back my hours as an RN so much it’s nice to bring in some extra income). A company recently reached out to me for a review of their product and a giveaway, which will be showing up here soon. This may be the first and last sponsored post, and I will always state up front when a post involves any kind of sponsorship, but I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that the goals and tone of this blog will always stay the same, even if things like this pop up from time to time 🙂

And those are all my super random tangents for today. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! 

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That’s exciting about the sponsored post to come!


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