The last 2 weeks (aka Iphone photo dump)

The last two weeks have been hectic both in work and in life, good but hectic. When I (re) started blogging I vowed to never neglect my blog again or go lengthy periods of time without posting, because this whole crazy medium only works if you’re engaged with it on a regular basis. And of course I promptly went two weeks without a peep. I apologize. I really am going to try not to do this on a regular basis. In the interests of time and catching up (and because I have to work tonight and need to squeeze in a nap!), I’m going to recap via iPhone pics. Warning: most of this is food. I’m not sure whether to be proud or horrified that so many of the moments I choose to capture in life revolve around food or alcohol. I think mostly proud.

I am absolutely loving the little glimpses of warmer weather we have had. Sure it was 20 something degrees outside this past weekend but there have been days here and there when I haven’t had to put on my down coat! Victory! I am so ready for patio and porch sitting evenings and spending as much time as possible outside. When you work in a hospital and go 13 hours without breathing fresh air you really crave that outdoor time on your days off.

I made homemade pizzas last week for dinner and was very excited with how they turned out. To be fair they weren’t 100% homemade because I used TJ’s pizza dough. But other than that everything was fresh. I made three concoctions, the one above with the TJ’s garlic and herb dough, plus pesto, ricotta, goat cheese, butternut squash, and broccoli. I also made a super veggie explosion one and a basic tomato, mozzarella, and feta. Yum, yum, and yum!
I had some really awesome eat out dinners as well. We went to Saison to celebrate two of my loveliest friends’ birthdays and I had an out of this world Carolina rice bowl with all sorts of veggies and pickled things and Asian tasting spices and herbs. It was insanely good, made even better by the addition of a soft yolk egg, which makes literally everything in this world better.
We went out to Casa Del Barco down on the canal. The food was good but overpriced and very gringo-esque. My Texas raised mother would have been horrified that they use flour tortillas. But the highlight was the location. I haven’t been down to the canal in years, because there hasn’t really been anything there to do. But I’m hoping that with Casa Del Barco and F. W. Sullivan’s there, things will continue to move ahead and it might actually turn into a really cool part of Richmond. I am super behind the times and hadn’t even seen the murals down there yet. They are so awesome and worth the trip downtown alone.

R and I have been trying to go see the Book of Mormon forever (both in DC and NYC) but it ALWAYS sells out. I saw it when it came to Richmond because I reviewed it for but of course R was working. It’s coming back to the Kennedy Center this summer and we jumped on the chance to get tickets before they’re gone. It’s not until June but I am so stoked to see it again. I absolutely LOVED the show and because of how fast and furious the jokes are I know a second viewing will make it even richer.
On one of our recent, gorgeous glimpse of summer days we took the pups down to Belle Isle. It has long been one of Sandy’s favorite places, and we were hoping George would love it just as much.
The water was a little chilly to his liking, but overall I think he was a fan 🙂
Post-Belle Isle we headed to Triple Crossing Brewing. Not sure if I can think of a better day than taking the dogs on a walk in the warm sunshine on Belle Isle followed by a cold, locally brewed beer on a patio.
To top of a really great week we had an awesome weekend. My best friend from CofC Jess came up from NC to visit and then dog-sit for us. It was great to catch up with her Friday night. And then Saturday morning we took the train up to DC. With my sister not living there anymore, I don’t go up nearly as much, so it was nice to get back in the city. We were good tourists on Saturday and went to the National History Museum. However we couldn’t last long because it was absolutely mobbed with people and huge groups of teenagers. I really, really dislike crowds, and these were to the point where you had to stand in lines to get into exhibits and couldn’t even get close enough to the glass to see items on display without elbowing people aside. We made it about an hour (my favorite part was seeing the First Lady dresses!). The rest of the weekend was spent eating and drinking (honestly museums are nice but when it comes to DC ones I’ve done that routine many times, sometimes the best vacations are the more indulgent ones). We went to Brian Voltaggio’s Range for dinner. It was sooooo good. My favorite part was this beautiful, deceivingly simple salmon tartare. So elegant you almost hated to eat it, but of course eat it I did. It tasted like salmon should taste but rarely does, fresh and like the ocean.
Another highlight was Kopnos the next morning for brunch. This was kind of a Top Chef themed weekend, because this was Mike Isabella’s Greek restaurant. I’ve been to Graffiato twice now, but this place absolutely gives it a run for its money. I got a frittata type dish with feta, crispy lamb, and potatoes. This sounds simple but I don’t know if I’ve ever had a meal that used herbs so perfectly. There was dill and parsley on almost everything and it worked so beautifully and contrasted so nicely with the heavier flavors of lamb and potatoes. Also speaking of potatoes, they had this incredible lemony taste and I just will dream about this meal always.

We stayed at the Sofitel and it was so lovely and the staff were awesome. Sunday afternoon we wandered around Georgetown for a long while (and even checked out an open house! the real estate agent seemed to believe we could genuinely afford a 700,000 1 bedroom condo which is so weird to me because in my head I perpetually look like a guilty 16 year old) before catching the train back home. It was really nice to get away but of course nice to get back to these little stinkers.
Whew, so that was a whirlwind recap. Hopefully such an offloading won’t be necessary again because I will be posting more often. As always comments and thoughts are welcome and appreciated!

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