Three things for Wednesday.

1. I had to “float” at work today. For anyone who is not an RN basically this happens when one of the units in your department is short a nurse and your unit has one to give. There is a ton of negotiation and back and forth that happens with this, but it is a relatively frequent occurrence. And for anyone who is not an RN it’s hard to describe what a strange  and disorienting experience it is. Basically the best way I can think to describe it is, say you work for Burger King. You feel really good and comfortable at Burger King. You’ve been there long enough to have things down. You know and love your coworkers. You have a routine and a rhythm. But one day you go in to Burger King and find out you will have to work your shift at the McDonald’s down the street. You spend 4 hours “shadowing” another employee there a few months ago but that’s it. You are fully responsible and on your own for 12 hours. It might be another fast food restaurant but the menu is different, the equipment is different, you don’t know anyone, no one knows you, and you are expected to hit the ground running.

It’s not the most fun part of being a nurse, because basically you feel like your working your first day of a new job but without the support or orientation. But the upside, floating always make me appreciate my home unit and get warm fuzzies when I get to go back. And another upside? I got to leave at 3:30 today because my float unit didn’t need me anymore and my home unit was overstaffed too. So I got to go home early to the puppies and even get in a Tidal Wheel class 🙂 Normally I get home at 8-8:30, just in time to stuff my face, shower, and fall immediately to bed. So those few extra hours today felt like a decadent gift. 

2. This guy. He can be such a pain in the butt and gets into chewing frenzies where he thinks our entire house is candy coated and edible. But I am a little bit obsessed with him. And if I may brag for a moment: he has gone 3 days without an accident and the last 3 days he has started to cry at the door and then go to the bathroom if we let him out. I know that may not sound all that exciting for anyone who doesn’t have a dog or has an older dog, but for someone house-training a puppy that is friggin’ incredible. I never thought I could get so excited and proud over a dog peeing or pooping outside. But every time he does I want to throw him a little puppy party.

If I didn’t feel like a responsible adult before George has definitely made me feel like one. I get up half an hour early for work (which means 5:15am), in these Arctic temperatures no less, to make sure he gets let out not once, but two times, and has some time for playing before he goes in his crate. I make sure his lunch his nicely laid out for the dog walker. And I don’t even mind it!

3. So when I got home from work today there was a car parked in front of our driveway. Our street has plenty of parking not on driveways. And our driveway is fairly obviously a driveway, even in the snow. I’m not sure what came over me other than pure rage. Largely because I spent a huge chunk of time and energy yesterday shoveling a path clear on that very driveway for my car, and with it blocked I had to park on the street and almost got stunk in the snow drifts doing so. Many people may have just shrugged and gone inside. But I felt a surge of civic indignation and got a little possessed. Full disclosure: I wrote a note and put it on the windshield saying that they had parked in my driveway and needed to move, I took a picture of the car and license plate, and I called the non-emergency police number.

I know, I know. A little much right? I think it might have been all my years as a Fan resident, but there’s just something that really gets to me about improper city parking. There are signs for a reason people! You do not block driveways or alleys under any circumstances. It was not my most zen moment. But I had just spent an entire shift at work feeling like the new kid in school and I had been up since 5:15.

So of course a few minutes after I spoke to the nice dispatcher at the non-emergency police (who probably hated me for wasting her time) the guy comes and gets in his car, sees the note, sheepishly apologizes, and drives away.

And I felt a deep, deep spiral of Catholic guilt (appropriate for Ash Wednesday though amiright?). I immediately called back the non-emergency police and told them the car was gone and there was no need. I did not continue my rampage and demand justice for this free-wheeling parking hooligan. 

It’s much easier to get into rage mode when you’re face to face with a car and not a human. 

So there, I am telling this story to further assuage my guilt. Not to say I wouldn’t totally do it again if some other person has the nerve to block my perfectly plowed driveway!

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