Thursday Things

The kids are both down in bed (only one of them is technically sleeping, but I’ll still take it as a win). The house is clean. The dishes have been done.

And I am feeling good.

Partly because Bobby FINALLY slept through the night last night (for the first time in WEEKS).

Partly because once the kids were asleep I had a home-cooked dinner in the crockpot ready to go (Skinny Taste pork Bahn Mi rice bowls, one of our favorites) and a glass of wine.

But I think mostly because this morning I had a babysitter come over to watch the kids.

I didn’t have any appointments. I didn’t have to go to the grocery store or the gym. I literally just needed a couple of hours away to myself (Ryland missed preschool this week because of her cold, so I really needed a little break). And it was fabulous. I went to the mall. I returned some things (so I did technically have one thing I actually needed to do). But mostly I just wandered around and shopped. It was glorious and wonderful, and I highly recommend it.

I did find a few cute things to buy too, which was a plus.

These shorts from Ann Taylor Loft, which are super comfy, super soft, nice looking but still casual, and also a good short length (sometimes I feel like shorts can be so awkward, either too short or too long, but I ‘ve found the 4″ inseam usually works for me). I got them in three colors because they’re 40% off (and still are online!)

riviera short

This Caslon t-shirt from Nordstrom in black and navy stripe. SO soft and comfy.

caslon rounded tee

This Caslon peplum tee in white, black, and navy (peplum can be really bad for me since I’m short and have a short torso, but I think/hope this one actually worked). I live in tees, and it’s nice to have something slightly different to throw in the mix of V-necks.

peplum tee

I feel ready for summer now (or mostly, there may still be a little shopping left to do 🙂 ) I’m still in the slightly awkward post-baby phase where I’m back to my normal size in everything but the breastfeeding region (ahem), which can make finding tops that work tricky.

Also is it just me, or are the current trends SUPER unflattering to anyone who isn’t a 6-foot tall waifish model? There is a lot of volume in tops these days, lots of flutters and bell sleeves and ruffles. And again, unless you are super tall and thin, it’s just a lot of look and tends to swallow a person up and make you look like you’re wearing a particularly decorative tent.

Case in point:


I’m standing this awkwardly because I’m trying to show off the sheer volume of these sleeves. And this is an x-small! I guess I just don’t totally understand the style, and while I wish I could pull off all of the ruffles and volume and flowiness, I just can’t. It makes me look like a rejected Olson twin. Who has had two children.

Other than shopping, we’ve been spending a good bit of time outdoors soaking in the warm weather. Ryland, in particular, is a big fan of the heat wave.




Excuse the red paint. I know it looks like she murdered someone and then ate them 🙂

Hot weather always makes me crave cold pasta salads that I can make way ahead of time and stick in the fridge until dinner, like this one with broccoli, tomatoes, and tuna.


Alright, well I figure that’s enough randomness for one night. Hope you are all enjoying your Thursdays!


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