Today has been a good day.

Today has been a pretty cool day my friends. Becsause:

1. I discovered Gary Janetti’s Instagram . For those who don’t obsessively watch Bravo shows (even the not so great ones like Below Deck), Gary Janetti is the partner of Brad Goreski (of Rachel Zoe Project fame, one of the all time great Bravo shows, and its spin off It’s a Brad Brad World). I fell in love with Gary on the show but had no idea just how amazing he is until I found his Instagram. He does a series featuring Prince George giving Megan Markle some major royal shade and it’s hard to do it justice so I’ll just give you a morsel of the brilliance.

2. I went to Cycle Bar (at Greengate for anyone local) for the first time and it was awesome. It kicked my butt and I came in 21st out of 26 (they rank you which is a little horrifying but motivating at least) but I really enjoyed it. I used to do spin all the time and loved it so I’m really excited to get back into it again. The studio is super fancy and nice and everyone was incredibly helpful and friendly (they even wrote a little welcome message on my locker and gave me a free water bottle and Koozie!). And I know I’m going to be feeling it tomorrow.

3. I took advantage of my lovely mom watching the kiddos for the morning as well as a gift card R gave me for Christmas and met my BF for a mani/pedi! We went to Escape Nails and it is also super fancy and nice, definitely my favorite nail salon in Richmond. They have the usual massage chairs but they also give an awesome leg and foot massage with the basic pedicure (I am so ticklish and normally can do not STAND foot massages but both times I’ve gone there they’ve managed to make it not just tolerable but really nice). They also give complementary drinks (wine too!) and a big fruit plate. And the manicure comes with an amazing neck and shoulder massage. Oh and they have super fancy Japanese toilets that open when you go near them and have heated seats (that alone gives them top marks). Basically it’s the best and even better was spending kid free time with my best friend (normally our meet ups involved one or both of us chasing a small child). It’s easy to forget how important it is to connect with another adult without children present.

4. I’ve started listening to Oprah’s Super Soul podcast. Not super exciting but it feels like a little nourishment for the soul every time you listen to one. It’s great to put on when I’m in the car or giving Ryland a bath (especially since she takes 45 minute long diva baths and mama gets bored).

5. So this last thing I debated sharing here. But as timing would have it one of the Oprah podcasts I listened to was with a blogger who emphasized how important and valuable and necessary honesty is, among mothers especially. So here is me being honest and open, even if it means totally embarrassing myself. A piece I wrote ran on Scary Mommy today, which for a mom blogger and writer is a pretty big deal. I’ve never had a bigger audience for my writing before. And I never thought I’d write about something like this. But if there’s any guiding philosophy to this blog and my writing it’s honesty, warts and all, even when it’s embarrassing. Because I know other people out there can relate. So well here goes. You can read it here. If you have a low tolerance for humiliation you may want to skip this one 😉

So I’d call today a pretty darn good one. Hope all of you are having equally amazing Fridays!

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