Tuesday Tangents

Morning friends šŸ™‚ So IĀ promiseĀ I am in a much better mood than I was on Sunday (it’s amazing how four hours of sleep 2 nights in a row can really turn someone into a mean gremlin right?). The last two nights Bobby has only woken upĀ onceĀ to eat.

Because of this fact, I feel like a new human being. I think the reason Bobby lost his mind and stopped sleeping was not teething (or not only teething) but because he got his second back-to-back cold and was super pissed about that situation. And then he gave it to mama as an early Mother’s Day present.

(Sidebar: I am typically that obnoxious person who rarely gets sick. And I think the reason I have had a literal never-ending cold the last two weeks is pretty deeply connected to the fact that I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in about 2 months (since we moved Bobby upstairs to his nursery). I knew that lack of sleep made people more vulnerable to colds, but I had never actually experienced this phenomenon.)

(Second sidebar: In that link above they did a study where they checked a bunch of adults into a hotel for a week and then gave them nasal drops with a cold virus in it, and then looked into who got sick, who got sick quickest, etc, and how it related to their sleep habits. I would literally PAY MONEY to be in that study, and I think most parents would agree. The thought of spending a week in a hotel room, even with a cold, sounds like pure and total heaven right now.)

(Third sidebar (I apologize): I know Bobby is my second kid and this sleep deprivation rodeo shouldn’t be so no novel, but it was SO different with Ryland. We co-slept until about 6 months and then sleep trained and after a few rough nights she pretty much started consistently sleeping really well (except for colds, teething, regressions the usual baby demon possessionĀ stuff. So I really never experienced this strange phenomenon of having to wake up multiple times a night. It is…..fun.)

Okay done with the sidebars. Anyways, my point is, despite round two of a cold, I’ve slept better and more the last couple of nights and it’s done wonders to my disposition and general sanity. So sorry for the pity party on the last post.

And now here are some Tuesday tangents!


  • I continued the Magnolia Table Cookbook ChallengeĀ (aka Liz’s great weight gain of 2018) with chocolate chip cookies! I had a beloved recipe for chocolate chip cookies before this, and I was sure these imposter cookies could not compete, but well, they did. And they were SO much easier than my other recipe (which involved the whole melt the butter halfway, let it cool, chill the dough, chill the cookie sheets, yada yada yada). These were no fuss, simple, fast, and they tasted all gooey and yummy and chocolatey and fluffy (they also used all brown sugar, versus my other recipe which was mostly white sugar). They may become my new go to,Ā  because well, look at them.


  • On Saturday I had the fun privilege of attending the Richmond Moms Blog event, Bloom. I’m a contributor but had never met any of my other fabulous fellow contributors, so it was SO fun to meet so many of them in person. There were a ton of mamas there, new and expecting and everything in between, and SO many cute itty bitty babies. There were awesome booths and panelists, yummy food, and best of all it just felt really nice to put on adult clothes (like white jeans! which I never dare to wear around my children)Ā and go do adult stuff like help with set-up and registration. I felt like a real live adult person for a few hours (and not only a peanut butter covered mama ;)) Plus the swag bags were on point.


So I may have bought myself an early Mother’s Day present (it’s so much easier than my husband trying to guess what I want right?) and got these rose gold/copper Birkenstocks that I have been coveting for so long.


I’m super excited and really hope they fit/look okay in person. I tried the white ones last summer, but for some reason they made me feel like I was wearing clown shoes (I think it’s because I have wide feet and the white just seemed SO white). But these are just so pretty and seem like they would go with everything right?


This isn’t a tangent so much as a gratuitous baby in a towel shot, but he’s so stinking cute. I couldn’t help myself. And he’s in such a better mood than over the weekend. I don’t know what he is doing where he keeps catching colds before any of the rest of us (does he sneak out at night and go party with his other baby friends?), but I’ll forgive him, at least for now.

Okay guys, that’s it for now. Just wanted to pop in and leave things on a much happier and more positive note than last time. Enjoy your Tuesdays and this beautiful, sunny weather my friends šŸ™‚







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